Elon Musk Discovers NASA’s Terrifying Truth About Mars

Elon Musk has always been a mysterious figure. Someone who has an earthly engineering mind, but is also far out in space at the same time. Elon has recently bought Twitter, and has ruffled feathers from all walks of life. Somewhat of a contrarian figure, Elon has brought to light and popularized the following ideas..

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But wait until you hear about NASA’s terrifying discovery about Mars that Elon brought to the forefront. One of the main ideas that Elon has shared over the years is the idea of popularizing Mars. More importantly to him, ‘occupying Mars’ and creating it into an inhabitable planet for humans. His idea is to create a home for 1 million people on Mars.

Mars is really simply a tiny red rock. The Romans and Greeks named the planet after their ‘war Gods’ because of it’s red distinctive color. It contains distinctive red hue. According to NASA, the minerals turn Red because the minerals oxidize or rust. It’s one big oxidizing and rusty planet!

Elon is gung ho on Mars. He shared: We’re establishing cargo flights to Mars that people can count on,” he said in June 2016. “The Earth-Mars orbital rendezvous is only every 26 months, so there’ll be one in 2018; there will be another one in 2020. And I think if things go according to plan, we should be able to launch people probably in 2024 with the arrival in 2025.”

Musk reiterated this timeline in 2017, though he did not meet his timeline to send a cargo flight to Mars in 2018.

He has even shared his vision for a Martian government. Believe it or not! 

But first..

Why Does Elon Want To Inhabit Mars?

In the words of Elon Musk “It’s important to have a future that is inspiring and appealing. There’s got to be reasons you get up in the morning. Why do you want to live? What inspires you about the future? If the future isn’t out you in the stars, if we are not an interplanetary species, I find that incredibly depressing if that’s not the future. In his words here:

Elon Musk Reveals NASA’s Terrifying Discovery on Mars:

There are a lot of incredible facts about Mars that Elon has shared with us. Many of which have to do with geography of the region that is shocking, stunning, beautiful and will leave you awestruck. One strange thing about Mars however is that it’s further from the sun than the earth is so it’s constantly far colder on Mars than it is here. Probably not the destination for Florida retirees. It averages -80 degrees Fahrenheit. But wait, there’s more!

The dust storms on Mars can get so large that it creates these massive dust storms that blow winds of dust at massive speeds. These dust storms are so thick that one of the Rovers on mars actually couldn’t be powered because the dust in between the rover and the sun was so thick that the device could not be charged like Solar as it normally was.

The northern hemisphere has a long frigid winter, and the southern hemisphere has a short mild summer. But the lack of trees, massive dust storms and frigid cold temperatures seem a bit extreme to inhabit as a human. The massive dust storms on Mars can actually cover the ENTIRE PLANET, up to 1,000 KM high. Imagine the dust in your eyes, nose, ears, mouth.. let alone all vehicles, engines and motors. Everything could be tainted by dust and this presents a large challenge for sustainability on Mars.

Elon envisions one million people living and working on Mars happily in the next 50 years. He isn’t he first person to have the vision, but he is the only person with the money, resources and determination to make this a reality.

Take a look at all of the extreme variability on Mars that Elon and NASA have discovered:

This is the Vision Elon Has For Humans on Mars:

Elon envisions one million humans living and working sustainably on Mars by 2050. Either living in domes, or in earth eggs on Mars. Essentially mini-atmospheres within the domes. This would be more of an inside living and there wouldn’t be much outdoors activities, no hiking, no beach, no rainforests. The risk of being caught in a dust storm that engulfs the whole planet could happen very quickly. So for those that are home body’s, maybe Mars is an opportunity for you, but not for the outdoors seekers.

All food would be grown indoors, and 3d, Ai and robots would essentially run the show on Mars. Most things would be designed in a vertical manner and have an egg shape so that things move around buildings. NASA has supported much of these plans to support Martian architecture. Elon Musk also loves tunnels, so this could lend to the idea to have transportation for moving people and supplies throughout the colonies on Mars.

Transporting people and stuff underground with tunnels would protect from winds, dust and the elements. People need sunshine however, and living underground would create issues with mental health and wellness.

Watch the full story here:

One thing’s for certain, Elon’s ambition and vision will take him a long way. Whether he gets to Mars or not is up for debate, but having a vision of one million humans becoming Martians is ambitious. The question is, who wants to move to a planet with such extreme variance in temperature, massive dust storms and not a whole lot of natural beauty? Would you go? To live? or just to visit? Or not at all. I think i’d rather simply enjoy earth and keep earth healthy, fun and functional. We have a lot to be grateful for here, and to take care of, being good stewards of.

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