Too Strange To Be True? 69 Year Old Book Mentions Elon Musk’s Name In Reference To Space Travel

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It’s no secret that Elon Musk has been making the headlines lately. He recently became the richest person in the world as his car company Tesla’s stock soared 720% in one year, causing his net worth to top Jeff Bezos. He’s known for Telsa, the car company but he also has other ventures such as SpaceX (space exploration) as well as Solar City, a solar company.

Musk is a Tony Stark like character. While Buffet, Gates and other billionaires do things privately behind the scenes Musk doesn’t mind the spotlight and seems to revel in it a bit even. He’s been featured on the Joe Rogan show, and even spent time with the founders of The Babylon Bee on a Youtube broadcast. Gates, Buffet, Zuckerberg and others haven’t come close to these figures. Probably because they’d receive so many questions and scrutiny around policies they’ve enacted or believe in.

Musk however is cut from a different cloth. The real life Tony Stark, some call him, plans to explore Space in his lifetime. He’s even made the very bold claim that we will be to Mars by 2024. Just two years away. Is it possible? Maybe, but he has quite the challenge ahead. Especially since we haven’t even been back to the moon since 1969, let alone Mars. A lot of questions could be asked about what all of this space research has actually led to, along with much other research! But I digress.

The strangest news about Elon Musk broke recently. Something that seems to be directly out of a sci-fi film.

Elon tweeted “Destiny, Destiny No Escaping For Me.”

To which a user by the name of Toby Li responds:

The text is in German but it states that a man by the name of Elon will explore space. This book is 69 years old, going on 70 years old. It was written in 1953. Elon Musk wasn’t even born until 1971.

Werner Van Braun was a German-American Aerospace engineer who was born in Poland in 1912. He was a former Na..zi in WWII. He was part of the Na..zi team that created missiles. He then migrated to the United States and joined NASA. NASA has it’s roots in the migration of German Na..zi’s to the United States. Operation Paperclip was the operation that made it happen.

The book Elon’s name is in is called “Mars Project: A Technical Tale,” by Wernher von Braun, a rocket scientist and engineer. Von Braun started out as a rocket scientist. He worked in Germany’s rocket development program during the beginning of his career. After the end of World War II, the United States recruited Von Braun and roughly 1,600 other German engineers and scientists to work for a classified intelligence program known as ‘Operation Paperclip.’

The question remains if these German scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from former Na..zi Germany by the U.S. government for employment, or were they invited and given a choice? This happened after the end of World War II in Europe, between 1945 and 1959. Either way, whether recruited or invited, I question the sanity of the US Government in this decision entirely and wholeheartedly.

After migrating to the U.S., when he could have easily been tried for war crimes Von Braun also joined the effort to produce content in various media–including books, televised guest appearances, and toys–in order to create stories that explained complex ‘scientific ideas to laymen.’ His book “Mars Project” was meant to describe a Mars mission. Where Elon’s name appeared. We’ve all seen Elon with a ‘Occupy Mars’ t-shirt on.

However, Toby Li was only slightly off in his understanding of the German translation: Von Braun’s book actually says that the highest leader on Mars will be known as the ‘Elon’, not that his name will be Elon. In other words, Elon is a political leader. Essentially the president of Mars. Let that sink in. Is Elon the future leader of an entirely new civilization we have yet to discover? The user, Pranay Pathole, explained the difference using an English translation of the book seen here:

In other words, the US Space program was founded with Na..zi roots. Strange isn’t it? Makes you rethink what’s going on there. We haven’t been to space, we haven’t been to the moon. We haven’t been to Mars. What are they doing? What is Elon doing at SpaceX? And lastly, what was the ‘Space Force’ that Trump set up while in office?

Many other Billionaires have a fascination with space. Musk isn’t the only one. Jeff Bezos has a space exploration company. Richard Branson of the Virgin companies is interested and invested in space travel as well. The question is, why the fascination with space? And How did Elon’s name end up in Werner Van Braun’s 1951 book before Elon Musk was even born, in 1971.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and this is one of those cases. Personally, connecting the strange past and history, I question it all.

You can read more about Van Braun in the book ‘Van Braun: Dreamer of Space, Engineer of War’ on Amazon here. 

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