Imagine Filling Your Car With Salt Water And Then Getting 373 Miles Per Gallon (It’s Here Now)

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Gas prices are getting out of control. I’ve been on the west coast traveling and California and Washington have quite high gas prices, but I just received word that back east in the Midwest gas prices are quite literally catching up to these west coast prices. Shocked, we are now seeing inflation really kick in and cause both gas prices, and food to increase. Use your money wisely, this may only be the beginning.

The world is well aware that the potential for better technology does exist. But at what cost? Does this occur? Are there better energy sources and technologies being suppressed? Even Henry Ford couldn’t release his alcohol fuel powered vehicle without the Rockefeller family coming up with a complex scheme and using the women’s temperance union in their favor. Ultimately, the women’s temperance union convinced the public that alcohol was ungodly, when it had nothing to do with God but creating laws that kept it out of the way of Standard Oil, the Rockefellers interests prevailed.  Maybe there is much more, and oftentimes the degree to that we are missing out on is far more pronounced than anyone ever realized.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of paying these crazy high gas prices. I’m also not in the market or budge to afford one of these new swanky new electric cars, yet.

From Nikola Tesla’s “free energy” devices to the ill-fated water powered car invented by the late Stanley Meyer, who many believe was assassinated because of his inventions, it’s clear that there is far more going on behind the scenes that the automobile and technology companies would lead us to believe.

One of the most interesting pieces of suppressed technology that still hasn’t been widely publicized is a futuristic eco-friendly car powered by one of the most unlikely of sources. Salt, and water. Two of the cheapest resources on earth.

And while the car’s fuel source itself is impressive enough, it’s well worth noting the sheer power this automobile is capable of producing makes it all the more unlikely that the big government-funded automakers will never let it see the light of day.

Salt Water Powered Car Blows the Doors Off the Competition

The numbers sound almost too good to be true. While this surprisingly obscure new technology has mostly been suppressed, the key stats are enough to floor even the most ardent gearheads among us.

The car in question, produced by the brand Quant, has been dubbed the Sportlimousine, and is capable of going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. It’s also very sporty and very fast.

The car weighs about 5,070 pounds (2,300 kilograms) and functions almost exactly like a hydrogen fuel cell, except the substrate liquid functioning as a holder of energy is a salt water, believe it or not.

Its unusual fuel source doesn’t preclude it from reaching big league numbers in terms of its speed and efficiency, however. That’s a feat to say the least.

The car boasts an impressive 920 horsepower, with a top speed of 217.5 miles per hour, and gets 373 miles on a single tank of gasoline. Off what? Electrolyte (salt) water. Talk about sexy and cost friendly at the same time! Who’d have thought those two would pair so nicely?

While the Sportlimousine may sound like a conspiracy or a fraud, this is an entirely different animal altogether. In this case, a liquid passes between an embrace lying between two separate tanks, generating an electrical charge for the vehicle to produce energy. The electricity produced with the saltwater is stored by the super capacitors and distributed to where it needs to go, according to a report from Anonymous News. In other words, it’s legit and not full of fluff. Let’s just hope this vehicle continues to see the light of day and be produced on a larger scale.

If that doesn’t happen, let’s hope that someone reading this article knows that that means and can build that in their garage and distribute the plans for how to do so on the internet so our local mechanics can rig us up for a one time fee! Ahh, one can dream.

Another forward-thinking feature boasted by the limo is its four-motor configuration, which utilizes the saltwater process to feed the motor’s electricity. Two 200-liter tanks house the vehicle’s fuel source, while the five seat vehicle is about 5.25 meters long and 7.2 feet wide by 4.4 feet, or 2.2 meters by 1.35 meter, the article stated.

This New Eco Vehicle is Certified For European Roads Currently

After making its debut way back in 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March, the technology has officially been approved to hit the roads in Europe, stunning onlookers who failed to realize a water powered car even existed. But where has it gone since? That’s over 8 years ago now. What has come of it?

The revolution is quietly taking place right under our noses, and American automakers and consumers still have no idea. Even 8 years later.

The company behind this design is Nanoflowcell AG, which is reportedly preparing the vehicles for production on a massive scale. But, it seems like this may not make it’s way to the United States unless someone replicates their technology here. Simply knowing that ‘it’s possible’ will hopefully spark the mind that will.

If you think you can crack the code and need some inspiration, watch the film “Flash of Genius” and maybe that will get your creative juices going. Great film.

So, could this little known company in Europe give Elon Musk’s Tesla a run for their money? Very Possible, considering how efficient they are to fuel movement.

Professor Jens-Peter Ellermann, NanoFlowcell AG Chairman of the Board Professor, had the following to say about his company’s ambitious plans. The company is positioned to be a major player not just in the automobile industry, but in several others as well.

“We’ve got major plans, and not just within the automobile industry. The potential of the NanoFlowcell is much greater, especially in terms of domestic energy supplies as well as in maritime, rail and aviation technology.” Think about maritime application? Imagine a boat taking in small amounts of salt water and distilling it to the desired ratio of salt to water and then using that as an ongoing fuel source. Tesla would have been so proud of this if he were still alive.

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