Teenager At Skate Park Meets Autistic Boy On His Birthday And Brings Mother To Tears

It’s the small acts of kindness that can go the furthest. They’re not always as common as we’d like. Something happened at a skate park recently that was unexpected. It even caught the attention of the police.

How do kids behave when grown-ups aren’t around? Dannete Mabes from New Jersey shares ‘You never really know, you just assume they are good. Because you’re not watching them at that moment and time.’

Her son, 13 year old Gavin went to the skate park with his friends and was caught on tape doing the uncommon thing. When he arrived with his friends they noticed a young boy there who was autistic at the skate park. The mother of the autistic boy saw the group of teenage boys coming to the park and grew a bit concerned and worried that her son would be in the way, or would frustrate the teenagers in some way, as teenagers can often have a pack-like mentality.

Instead, the opposite happened. The 5-year old, Carter Brunelle was there with his mom celebrating his 5th birthday having fun on his scooter.

Carter is autistic, and big groups of older kids can make him nervous. His mom was prepared to get him out of there.

The mother shares “I don’t know, they just shocked me. It was unlike any experience I’ve ever had.”

Middle school kids sometimes operate like they’re in a pack. Gavin led the way here and others followed. But instead of being negative, he led in a positive way and formed a friendship with the 5-year old saying “This kid’s already better than me.”

He followed the birthday boy around, encouraging him with kind words and picking him up when he fell down.

The mother shares “The rest of his friends followed suit and then even started singing happy birthday to him.”

“That really blew me away. Because you just want to see the kindness in the world.” She added as she held back tears. “And I wanted Carter to have a good birthday.”

It was such a good deed, and such a kind gesture. Even the local police department noticed and threw  a pizza party for these kids at their local middle school.

The best part? It wasn’t a one-time kind gesture. Gavin and the middle schoolers have continued to go out of their way to play with Carter. They share “He’s Rad, he’s so much fun to be around.”

Gavin’s mother was so proud of him. “The only thing better than your kid being treated kindly is to treat others kindly, even when others are not watching” she adds.

Watch the news story of the event here:



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