Man Rescued After Surviving 3 Days On The Bottom Of The Ocean in Ship Air Pocket

A large tugboat off the coast of Nigeria capsized and with a crew of 12 everyone assumed that the crew had all died. A diving team from the Netherlands was hired for the grim task of going down and recovering the bodies. 72 hours after the boat sank the diving team dove down to the ship to recover what was presumed to be 12 corpses. To their surprise one man by the name of Harrison Okene was trapped in in air pocket at the bottom of the ocean and survived the ordeal. He was living down there on one bottle of coca-cola for 72 hours.

Harrison had no gear and was starving, freezing and had hypothermia. He was suffering silently and patiently awaiting what would have very well been his death if the diving team did not show up shortly after the vessel was capsized.

The Moment He Was Found Alive:

They shared that his skin was beginning to peel off of him because of the salt water, he was so dehydrated and dried out. He had barely any available oxygen as this oxygen pocket became less and less oxygenated as he was in this small space. It wouldn’t have been much longer before he would have died from dehydration and lack of oxygen. His vital force was leaving his body by the hour.

Okene had to be held in a decompression chamber (HBOT) hyperbaric oxygen chamber for 60 hours in order to normalize the oxygen levels before returning to normal everyday life. He would have died if he did not have this oxygen therapy. The elevated levels of C02 (carbon dioxide) build when we have less available oxygen to breathe within any closed space. We need fresh oxygen and the open air otherwise it can lead to our death.

He played back a mental tape of his life remembering his mother, brothers, family, friends, and mostly the woman he married 5 years prior with whom he had not yet fathered a child. He prayed and prayed to God and finally got to a point where he said “God, let your will be done. I’ve tried my best”

He recounts the experience here:

The ending was happy however, he survived and we sure hope that Harrison changed careers after this. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a kid shortly after this and started his family after this was deeply on his mind from before.

Watch The Full Story Here:

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