“Never Say Never” 360-Pound Basketball Player Inspires Millions With Display of Toughness, Courage

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There are hundreds of basketball teams and thousands of players in the college game, but none quite like 19-year-old Connor Williams.

At 7-foot, 360 pounds, he is bigger than everyone else on the court, but aside from his unique size, he is also known for a surprising reason: his unselfishness.

Recently, Williams got a chance to play in a game for his St. John Fisher team against the Buffalo Bulls, and came up with an unforgettable sequence that has millions of people around the world talking.

“America’s Favorite College Basketball Player”

While running down the court, Williams turned in the sequence that has now made him world famous, overcoming adversity to make an incredible play and shining the spotlight on his unique story.

It all started as the 360-pound gentle giant checked into the game with less than 10 minutes left.

Things start out smoothly as he delivers a pass to a teammate for an open three-pointer that hits nothing but the bottom of the net.

From there, the difficulties begin as Williams trips and falls as he passes half court.

He rolls forward, wincing in pain, before delivering one of the most exciting and memorable highlight plays of 2021, if not the most memorable (watch from the 29-second mark on to see it):

His success in the face of injury and difficulty has captured the hearts of sports fans and non-sports fans alike all over the world.

His determination to get back up and do his best is just part of the reason why his play has attracted so much attention.

With his “never say never” attitude on the court and among his teammates, he has become a true inspiration.

While you might think a player his size would try and bully the opposing team and score all on his own like Shaquille O’Neal or others often did, Connor has a different philosophy, one that fits in perfectly with his famous pass-first highlight.

“I was younger, even up until now, I never liked playing with people who wouldn’t pass the ball,” he said.

“It’s always frustrating, whether you’re the best player or the worst player, whatever — when you ball-hog, it’s really frustrating to the rest of the team.

Connor enjoys spreading the wealth and letting his teammates succeed.

It’s a big part of his own success, in a roundabout way.

“Passing the ball, especially for me, since I get double teamed or triple teamed…If there’s two or three people on me, someone’s open and can get a good shot,” Williams said according to SBNation.

“Scoring is great, but I want my team to be successful, so I think that’s more important to me.”

“Big Cozy” Uses His Platform to Support Charities

Already, Williams is using his platform to pay it forward.

While healing from a rolled ankle he suffered during the play, Williams has been busy selling merchandise on his Instagram page, using funds earned to support local charities.

His outgoing personality and message of perseverance, toughness, confidence, charity and unselfishness have resonated with millions.

He’s looking forward to getting back on the court, while soaking up the attention that comes with being a famous YouTube star.

“After all these messages, I figure I would give [the people] something that they want,” he said.

“My family and I talked about it, and while it’s great for me to make something out of it, we also thought it was really important to find a way to give back to the community that I grew up in, and got me to where I am today.”

Article source: ForgottenSportsHeroes.com



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