Bubbly Woman Discovers Empty Apartment Connected To Her Own Through Bathroom Mirror

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We’ve all had those moments in life where we’ve wished we had more square footage attached to our living space. More square footage for storage, or maybe an office, or maybe a little room to have some gym equipment and get that workout in at home saving the drive and fees going back and forth from the gym. That square footage was quite literally discovered by a woman in NYC. One of the highest rent cities in the world, New York City is prime real estate.

One very enthusiastic and bubbly woman unearthed something quite shocking next to her apartment in the big apple. One winter day she felt a cold draft coming from her bathroom, not liking the cold feeling she took a closer look and noticed that very specific areas of the building had quite literally a cold breeze coming through.

Her door and her bathroom mirror in particularly had a cold draft coming through. The crazy part is that it was not only a cold draft but an actual cold breeze. She shows on video her hair getting blown by the cold wind coming inside. Baffled and confused she decided to investigate further only to find quite the shocking discovery.

As she removed her mirror she was blown away by not only what appeared to be a blank room directly behind her bathroom wall disconnected only with some thin drywall. Upon further investigation and recruiting help from friends (for the fear of what could be on the other side of that wall) she entered with a few friends and found an entire empty apartment that seems to have been completely forgotten.

She shares “My dream was to be a detective as a child. Harriet the spy was my favorite movie. I always wanted a house that had a secret room. There was no chance I was going to be like ‘oops, well, I hope whoever is back there is having a good time.”

“I was going in. I wasn’t scared until I got to the other side.”

“I don’t think that I really processed I was going in until I was in.”

She brought a hammer into the vacant apartment in case she needed a weapon. Her friend John says “Your holding it wrong.” to which she responds “is there a wrong way to hold a hammer to kills somebody. No!” Clearly, she has a sense of humor and thankfully the apartment was empty.

What she found as she entered the apartment was a half finished and half gutted apartment. Not quite livable. It was freezing cold and there was a water bottle sitting on a ledge in there.

She shares “It had the intention of people living in it, just definitely not the way it is right now.”

She plans to address the landlord and maintenance about this empty apartment with a cold draft leading into hers and tells her social media followers that she will keep them updated. It seems that her friends in the video weren’t the best backup and let her go in this alone! Thankfully for her sake she was safe and it was an empty, unfinished apartment. Maybe she could extend her square footage or have some extra storage space!

Watch the video in all of it’s suspense here:

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