Young Couple Fakes Engagement to Bag Freebies, Room Upgrade at One of London’s Swankiest Hotels

london hotel free dessert free room upgrade

Have you ever decided to “bend the rules” a little bit to get something that otherwise wasn’t intended for you?

That’s exactly what one couple did recently at one of the most high-end ($668 per night) hotels in London, England.

The couple was ultimately successful, but it took a remarkably brazen plan to achieve their end goals.

Couple Fakes Engagement for Free Dessert and a Hotel Upgrade

The situation happened on December 3 when Rhian Smith says she borrowed her mother’s wedding ring while going for a meal and a stay at a swanky London restaurant.

Rhian was with her boyfriend Harry Collins at the time.

It all happened as part of a plan to bag free dessert and a hotel upgrade in the Shard, one of London’s fanciest hotels, according to a report from LADBible.

With fantastic views and dazzling light shows on top of its towering structure, The Shard’s highest priced suites reach upwards of $1,050 for regular views along with $1,380 for city views.

Photo by Steve Meddle/Shutterstock

Smith and Collins were not only able to secure the room, they also were able to “secure the bag,” in this case free dessert according to Smith’s Twitter post following the hilarious ruse.

The tweet has gone viral, gaining thousands of likes, hundreds of retweets or quote retweets, and garnering support from many commenters.

“That’s quality,” one commenter said.

“Can only rate it,” another said.

Others were far from impressed, calling the pair “cheap” and another saying they are “pathetic” for taking advantage of the hotel.

As shown in the pictures below, the couple looked quite happy enjoying their free dessert and free upgrade despite the backlash they received.

Have you ever pulled a gag like this at some point in your life, and do you think what this young couple did was wrong, or simply all in good fun?

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