Her Whole Life From Childhood To Adulthood Was A Lie Because Of One Mental Disorder You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Pauline Dakin and her brother lived a normal life for a family in Canada in the 70’s. Her brother and her happily played outside and had two loving parents. As time went on their father revealed himself to be not so loving. An alcoholic and abusive of their mother. At 5 years old her mom left her dad and they separated. One day, their mother told the children to get in the car and that they were going to vacation in Winnipeg, quite far away about 1,000 miles away from Vancouver.

When they got there her mom told Pauline and her brother that they were actually staying here and this wasn’t a vacation. They had moved. Pauline began making close friends and started feeling like Winnipeg was home, her mom made them move yet again. All the way to eastern Canada.

Once in New Brunswick, the family did put down roots and they did stay there for years. Her mother however was still very fearful and paranoid about something, but they couldn’t quite put a finger on it.

Fast forward to 1988, after Pauline turned 23 years old she moved a few hours away from her mother and ventured out on her own. One day, her mom called her and told her to meet her at a motel. She shared “I’m finally ready to tell you everything about your childhood.”

She went to the motel and saw her mother waiting outside the motel pacing around, looking anxious. As she rolled down her window to say hello to her mother her mother put her mouth over her face issuing her to ‘shhh’ don’t speak and gave her an envelope in the car.

On the envelope it says “Don’t say anything, please don’t speak. Just put your jewelry in this envelope and hand it to me. Your jewelry is probably bugged.”

When they went inside there was a man inside the motel room. Stan Sears, he was the reverend from their church growing up in Vancouver. Pauline knew that they were close friends and it wasn’t much fo a surprise, but still strange at this moment. Pauline’s mother confessed that she had a secret revelation with Stan and that Pauline didn’t know this but Pauline’s father was a mafia member.

Pauline’s mother had a hit on her head, and Stan had a hit on him also. He moved quietly with them each time they left a new city in Canada. A man that Stan was counseling in the church was in the mafia and had also been assassinated. They decided to move to Winnipeg and then New Brunswick, and Stan had moved with them in tandem.

Pauline was understandably completely shocked, but she was also relieved to have a better understanding of her childhood. She discovered that when she was coming home from school and her mother was frantically throwing away food from the kitchen it was because the food was poisoned and meant to harm her mother, even them.

Or, when she found out why she was unenrolled from schools 6 different times it was because a credible threat, the mob had discovered where she went to school. After all this Pauline learned that she was still in danger. Pauline’s mother explained that she was in a special witness protection program called “The Weird World” that has undercover agents that follow you around to make sure that you are safe.

As a measure of her entering the ‘weird world’ her mother shared that she had agents following and protecting her. Before she left Stan handed her a radio that he described as a radio that broadcasted to agents that were pretty much following her all the time.

Pauline then asked “What happened to dad? is he in the weird world too?” Her mom then handed her this letter from her dad that described that he was in the ‘weird world’ too and that he was looking forward to his daughter joining them.

Her mother said take some time to think about what you want to do, if you want to join the witness protection. The weird world with us.

As she was leaving Stan ran out to her car before she pulled off and gave her a tracer to put under her car that he described as a way for agents to see and know where she was at any time, in case she was in danger.

After Pauline went home, her plan was to give it a couple of days before she joined the witness protection program. After a few days she quit her job and left her boyfriend and moved to a new location out of paranoia.

Stan and her mom explained that her agent would be in contact with her about joining the witness protection program. Pauline waited, waited and waited. Her waiting turned into 5 years. In that time she met a new boyfriend that she actually married. After speaking with her husband over time she started to question the narrative she had been told.

She then decided to test this story. She called her mom and said that someone broke into her apartment and that she thinks it was the mafia. Her mom said don’t do anything, I will call Stan and ask him what to do. Do not call the police. After a few minutes she called her daughter back and explained that the mafia did in fact break into her apartment and that the agents were handling it.

Pauline said “Mom, I made that up. No one broke into my apartment. I’ve been home all day. I lied to you. No one broke in.”

It was at this point that Pauline realized her entire life was a lie from 5 years on.

Stan was suffering from something called ‘Delusion syndrome’ and sometimes that delusion is not a big deal but sometimes it is. In his relationship with Pauline’s mother he passed on that delusion to his mother. When someone who is delusional is in a relationship with a dominant personality they can pass that on.

Unfortunately her mother and Stan took to their graves that the mafia was after them and never admitted the truth.

She documented her life in a best-selling book called Run Hide Repeat which is available on amazon here.

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