The Man Who Accidentally Killed The Most People in History

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When you think of science what is your perspective on it? Do you see it as positive? negative? perhaps a combination of both? I think about this often. We are told so often to ‘trust the science’ but science doesn’t always advance mankind or create a safer environment as a whole. In fact, sometimes science can do more damage, and harm, than good. Today’s story is a perfect illustration of that.

In 1944 as a young chemist who had just finished his Masters by the name of Clair Patterson. He had just went to work on the Manhattan Project building. One single scientists created a single invention that caused the deaths of millions of people, decreased intelligence all the way around the world as well as increased the rates of violcence in society as a whole.

Clair Patterson built the first Nuclear weapons. His job was to concentrate Uranium 235 from 238, which separated the two types of Uranium from their slight difference in mass. After the war, Patterson went back to grad school to get his pHD. He took a career that caused him to end up measuring the age of the earth.

Radioactive rocks effectively measure the rates of the age of the earth. This was his job. Patterson’s pHD project was to measure the age of the earth by measuring the age of rocks. He calibrated his instruments and began his journey. Patterson’s lead measurements in the rocks were all over the place which caused him to ask questions. The lead levels were much higher than expected and this mystery caused him to search the rest of his life, and literally caused him to search to the ends of the earth.

It All Started With Burning Lead in Petroleum..

In 1908 a woman was driving her car across the Belle Isle bridge in Detroit and her car broke down. The car broke down and a man stopped to help the woman. Back then you needed to crank the car to start. The man named Byron Carter was a founder of his own car company. The founder of Cadillac, Henry Leland was one of his friends. The founder of Cadillac chose to evolve the car and to have cars start without a crank. The Cadillac was able to start now without a crank, which was much safer. This car was a huge success for Cadillac and was more powerful and faster than the Ford Model T at the time.

Long story short, Lead became a fuel additive that permeated our environment far too often. As it was being burned in cars it polluted our air and tainted the rocks in our ecosystem. This led to health issues stemming from lead toxicity as led mimics calcium in the human body, so naturally the body stores it in it’s bones.

Patterson had challenged the official narrative. He began measuring lead in the oceans as well as lead in bones from people that were deceased for years. He found out that 20th century Americans had MUCH more lead in our bodies than our ancestors. This led to studies showing that neurodegenerative diseases and so much more. As far as we know today there is no safe level of lead. Worldwide, lead is attributed to 2/3 of learning challenges. In other words, the world is less intelligent today because of leaded gasoline.

The US saw a steady rise in crime from the 70’s to the 90’s. This chart looks almost identical to a chart that shows the blood levels of lead in preschoolers over that same period of time. Charts in Britain, Canada and Australia followed these same patterns.

One of the lesser known effects of lead is the hardening of the arteries. It is supposed to be responsible for 250,000 deaths per year alone.

Long story short, lead is the cause of many more deaths, learning disabilities, and so much more. Lead being burned in petrol.

You can watch the rest of the story here:

It’s important to remember that lead is toxic and that you want to avoid it to the best of your ability. Turn your car off and do not leave it running. Avoid breathing near the exhaust of any automobiles. We are often told that science is advancing mankind, and to some degree it is. In this case it made fuel more efficient and economically viable. But at what cost? At what cost to human health? To human wellness? Ideally we can find a way to work together with nature in unison to create and produce energy that doesn’t have byproducts that harm our health, or the health of our environment as a whole.

Our health and well-being is incredibly important and each action we take (or do not take) as a society has a toll on everything. If you’d like to learn more about living healthy and naturally, make sure to follow @healthywildfree on Instagram for more health and wellness advice, tips and guidance!

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