“It’s My Choice:” 25-Year-Old Man Set to Marry the ‘Love of His Life,’ an 85-Year-Old Woman With 20 Grandkids



There’s an old saying that “love is blind,” but sometimes it goes far deeper than that.

Sometimes love is about making a choice a choice that might feel good to you, even though other people don’t understand it on any level whatsoever.

That appears to be the case for one couple, whose age difference is incredible but whose bond seems almost completely unbreakable.

It’s a story that comes from Kenya’s leading news website, and it tells the story of a couple that started out as friends but has since progressed to future husband and wife despite the odds that have been placed against them.

It All Started as a Joke, and Has Progressed to the ‘Real Thing’

man and 85 year old grandma relationship

The relationship between the couple, 25 year-old Muima and 85-year-old Thereza, started out as a joke among friends.

Thereza started out by calling the young go-getter her husband, a light-hearted joke that began to look more and more possible with each passing day.

Muima said he fell in love with her because of the way she treated him. He says younger women he knew were overly “dramatic,” but Thereza was different.

The two met while Muima was looking for a house to rent while further pursuing his studies.

“I remember one Friday when my colleague wasn’t around, I was hungry and we had no food. I was very weak.

“And out of nowhere, the old woman brought me some food. She came and served me with too much care,” he said according to Focus Entertainment News. 

“The way she behaved and treated me pushed me to loving her.

Though she is an old woman and in reality could be my grandmother, but so what! I love her.”

woman old

Thereza then asked him for a kiss, to which Muima obliged.

The two lovebirds say they plan to hold their wedding soon and to declare their union officially in front of friends and family.

Thereza reportedly has 20 grandkids, but Muima is not at all phased by it, and plans to go through with the wedding regardless of her personal situation.

It’s all just part of the reason why he loves her so much, as both a partner and a caretaker.

“This is My Choice…”


While their shocking arrangement doesn’t quite mesh with the prevailing attitudes of the society, the couple does their best to block out the noise.

Thereza said she has children older than her new beau, but that hasn’t deterred her from wanting to go through with the marriage.

“I have eight children and 20 grandchildren. According to my boyfriend’s age, he could be my fifth grandchild. He loves me and I love him. I am ready to put on the wedding dress and ring, ” she said according to the award-winning Kenya based news platform TUKO.co.ke.

Muima said he will never go back to previous relationships with “dramatic” younger women that he says were draining.

“I’ll never choose any girl over this one. I pray she won’t die before me, ” Muima said.

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