Controversial Gold Trump Coins Raise Eyebrows & Questions

It’s no secret that Donald Trump was a controversial president. It seems like most presidents have some controversy surrounding them nowadays. Trump was controversial for his handling of political matters and making big bold statements.

Every golf course he golfed at, simply the best.

Every hotel he stayed at, simply the best.

His life? Simply the best, obviously!

I’m only teasing. He was quite the the eccentric president and like most presidents I have mixed feelings. But my feelings don’t matter much. Like any president he did some things that were beneficial and some things that weren’t the best. Every president is the same, if you look at things through a neutral lens.

What’s interesting is that someone decided to create both silver and gold coins with Trump’s face on them. Is that controversial? Maybe. Many past presidents have their faces on minted fiat currency.

This company decided to create gold and silver coins with Trumps face on them however. The coins put Trump in the limelight, in a new way. But are they worth owning? Are they a collectors item?

I’m not sure that I’d buy these necessarily, Trump was a bit too much for me personally. But I also wouldn’t buy coins with Biden’s face on them. Definitely not. There’s an interesting group of people that would like these as collectors items. Would you? Or is it a bit too much also.

See the Trump Silver & Gold coins by clicking here.

See the gold & silver Trump coins by clicking here.


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