NBC Host Brian Williams Signs Off After Nearly Three Decades with Stern Warning for American Society

Brian Williams is one of the most well known and respected journalists of the past few decades, but like most mainstream journalists, he tends to hold back on his true feelings in the name of being seen as an objective newscaster.

While NBC is typically seen as more of a liberal-leaning news network, Williams himself doesn’t consider himself as either liberal or conservative, he revealed in a video that has been viewed over 1.5 million times since its posting on Friday, December 10.

Williams is retiring after 28 years on the air, but said he plans to continue broadcasting and sharing information in an as-yet-undetermined way following his retirement from the network’s evening news show.

His final sign off wasn’t just about nostalgia and thanking his colleagues, however: it took on a far more serious tone, as shown in the video at the bottom of this page.

“There is a Darkness on the Edge of Town…And it Must Be Acknowledged and Answered For”

Speaking with urgency in his voice and the usual stern look on his face, Williams information about what he believes is something that all Americans must be aware of and pay attention to if the country is to continue to thrive as the year 2021 winds down.

“The truth is, I’m not a liberal or a conservative…I’m an institutionalist. I believe in this place and in my love of country I yield to no one,” Williams said.

“But the darkness on the edge of town has spread to the main roads and highways and neighborhoods. It’s at the local bar, at the bowling alley, at the school board and the grocery store. And it must be acknowledged, and answered for.”

Williams’ final night hosting the show was December 9.

While many would dismiss Williams’ comments as hot air or rhetoric in line with that or conservative politicians, it’s well worth noting that he said he does not identify with either political viewpoint.

Williams also had the following to say about our country’s leaders in Washington, D.C.

“Grown men and women who swore an oath to our constitution elected by their constituents possessing the kind of college degree I could only dream of have decided to join the mob and become something they are not, while hoping we somehow forget who they were.”

Williams went on to thank his friends and colleagues, saying that no one has had better friends than he has during his tenure “meeting presidents, kings and the occasional rock star.”

He went on to call America in the year 2021 “unrecognizable to those came before us and fought to protect it…Which is what you must do now.”

Enjoy watching the full video below, and let us know what you think about Williams’ final comments if you have a chance.

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