Reality Star Enters the NFT Space After Earning $200 Thousand Selling Her Farts in Mason Jars

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The amount of money-making opportunities are endless in the year 2022, and NFTs, or non-fungible tokens based on blockchain technology, are one of the most exciting developments.

These tokens often sell for big money online, and are typically represented by digital artwork created in the most painstaking detail by the most dedicated of artists.

A few examples of recent NFT developments include a purchase made by rapper Eminem for $462,000 as well as the release of a series of tokens by former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal.

Political candidates and leaders are also gearing up to make the digital artwork tokens a big part of their upcoming campaigns, during which an unprecedented amount of digital money could shift hands.

Now, a reality star is making headlines for one of the most most surprising pivots to the NFT space in recent history.

‘Farts in Jars’ Saleswoman Officially Enters the NFT Space

Stephanie Matto, a 31-year-old entrepreneur who made headlines around the world when she announced she was hospitalized after attempting to keep up with her customers’ demand for fart jars, has announced she is entering the NFT space.

She has previously sold about $200,000 worth of farts in jars.

The new ‘Fart Jar NFTs’ launched this past Wednesday and are now selling for .05 Ethereum, or about $186.

It all happened when a digital artist reached out to Stephanie.

Some artwork for the NFTs can be viewed below.

As has been the case with many NFT sales and products, the more outlandish the graphics, the better.

Some of the most popular NFTs include the Bored Apes line for example, which includes a variety of characters in the primate family with unique traits and clothing and accessory styles.

Matto admits she was quite surprised when subscribers to her OnlyFans channel began asking for the farts, but she says she is excited about the new NFT project.

She has now gotten on board with the idea that fart jars can be a work of art, as she shared in a recent Insider article.

“We teamed up and made jars with really cute animations,” she said.

“And we made them super custom and personal, and some even come with unlockable traits.”

What do you think of this idea? Are Stephanie and the NFT community going too far, or is this a positive thing for the distribution of income in our society?

Learn more in the full interview here, and let us know what you think about this hot-button topic!

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