Spooked And Scared Deer Runs Through Glass Window Into This Pastor’s Home

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There are some states in the US that have a high deer population. Many states have hunting protocols to keep the deer population down because otherwise it leads to car accidents with deer crossing the freeway. Michigan happens to be one of those states. The pastor, Ken King of New Horizons Ministry center in Grand Rapids happened to be home on a quiet Sunday evening. Going through mail and reading in the living room.

Oddly enough, he thought to himself “Should I go upstairs and keep reading, or stay down here?”

He ultimately decided to go upstairs to the bedroom to relax and continue reading. Next thing you know, about 20 minutes later he heard a loud crash coming from downstairs. Shocked at the sound, he got up and approached the lower level with caution only to find a bloody deer in his living room.

It was outside a bathroom window and got spooked by some sort of movement, looked into the window seeing it’s reflection and immediately charged the window thinking it was another deer. The window is located at a higher level than the bathroom itself so by the time the deer went through the glass it got cut by the glass and had fallen down onto the bathroom ground below.

Injured and afraid the deer started running into the glass slider door to get out but this door was much stronger than the window that it had just run through. Panicked and afraid it stood, stared and tried to escape but it could not.

The deer then ran up the stairs into the next level of the home, now bleeding on the floor and carpet. Ken, in the hallway of the top level of the home looking down on it decided to call for help! There wasn’t much he could do at that point.

Ken decided to call the police. He called 911 and notified them that a deer had run into his home. A police car showed up with two officers. Ken then called the police, or he called them (it’s been a few years since this happened) and he described what happened in detail.

The two officers got out and opened the back slider door and the front door to the home hoping that the deer would make a run for it. Finally it did, running out the back door and leaping off the deck that was about 10 feet high into the yard and off into the forest.

As it turns out, this is more of a common occurrence than most people know. I did a quick search online and found videos of deer running into homes, businesses and more. What happens is that when they see their reflection in the glass they charge it thinking it’s another deer that they need to dominate. Thankfully in this case, and most cases people are not injured. Only the deer with the battered, cut and bruised flesh from the glass it had just broken through.

Ken shares “I was thankful to be home at the time because it could have really done more damage and destroyed the home if I wasn’t there.”

Ken advises the best thing to do is to call the police. They’re going to have manpower there fast and help you get this animal out of your home before it ruins more.

Take a look at a few videos I found from a quick Youtube search, the funniest one I found was “Cops confront deer intruder” – The home alarm went off and they assumed it was an intruder. The video is funny. Take a look:


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