10 Things Every Child Should Hear From Their Parents to Strengthen Their Self-Esteem

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Being a parent is rewarding and exciting.

It’s a tough job, but well worth it in every conceivable way.

Kids love their mothers and fathers no matter what, but there are many things that most children wish they would hear from their parents that they never quite do.

Recently, the website Bright Side decided to compile a list of things that every parent should say to their kids to improve their self esteem.

The list is important for anyone who wants to make their child smile and feel good, which is just part of the reason why are posting it here for all to see, with our own added comments as well.

1. “You can count on me” or “I’m here to help you”- Kids need to know their parents are there for them during the toughest times and the good times alike. Saying these two phrases can ensure that your kids know you are there for there, no matter what.

count on me

2. “Tell me” or “I’m listening”- Kids always want to know that their parents are listening. It’s a simple yet always appreciated gesture, and it allows kids to feel free to share their feelings in your presence, something kids don’t always feel welcome to do.

3. “I love you very much” or simply “I love you”- These are the three sweetest and most important words in the English language. If you don’t say them to your kids at least two or three times per day, or more, your kids are missing out and so are you.

4. “Do you forgive me?”- There’s a lot of pressure on parents to be perfect, and kids don’t always understand when you make a mistake and hurt them. That hurt can last a long, long time if you don’t ask for forgive or admit your mistakes.

forgive me

5. “I believe in you” or “I trust you”- Ideally, you want your kids to feel empowered whether they are with you or not. By using these two phrases, your kids will feel that way both when they’re around you and when they’re at school or playing with their friends.

6. “I get you” or “I understand how you feel”- This is a wonderful phrase to use with your kids, but don’t overdo it. Kids need to know that you are on the same page with them, so be sure to use this phrase when you feel a sense of closeness and understanding with how your little ones are feeling.

7. “Cry as much as you need to.”- Many kids grow up feeling that it is unsafe to cry because of how their parents react to their tears, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Give your kids the space to let their feelings out, and they will be happier and feel more free to express themselves over time.

8. “I’m proud of you.”- For most kids, this statement and this sentiment means the world to them. Knowing that their mom and dad are proud can fill them with the type of joy, strength and resolve that moves mountains.

9. “Your opinion is important to me.”- This phrase is especially important for middle children and more soft-spoken kids to hear. Everyone should know that their voice is respected and important in any family situation, so be sure to check on any kids who may feel left out.

10. “Thank you very much.”- Every kid loves to hear these words after a job well done. Even if your child tries and does not succeed at the level you had hoped, be sure to let them know their efforts are appreciated, no matter what.

help you

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