Dumpster Diving And Addicted To Heroin This Woman Asked “What Possessed You To Do Such a Thing?”

“This is Will. 14 years ago, he was homeless and addicted to heroin. We met as he was digging in the dumpster looking for recyclables.

I asked him what possessed a man to do such a thing… he shared that his wife died unexpectedly and in the wake of her death, he tried heroin- ONE TIME and became addicted. He lost his home and job as a result of his addiction.

Over the next several months, Will and I developed a friendship. I looked forward to posting at hatch and Herndon in hopes I’d get to see him. I liked him more than my partner at the time so I enjoyed seeing him as often as I could. We helped each other through a few tough times by offering advice and life experience. Then one day he was gone! I never saw him again…. over the years I’ve wondered what happened to him.

I wondered if he was even alive.

God allowed our paths to cross again… ironically in a different Chevron. He was waiting for me outside the bathroom. He stood there with tears in his eyes and asked if I remembered him.

It took me about two seconds, and I knew. It was my Will!! He nostalgically reminded me about a pair of boots and a jacket I gave him to make sure he didn’t freeze. I also gave him $7 to get his ID… with a promise that he wouldn’t spend it on drugs.

Will kept his promise. He got his ID, a job, and later a wife. Will also found grace in the arms of our heavenly creator. We totally snot cried in the middle of the store before asking the clerk to take our picture.

I wanted to share this story because kindness matters. Kindness can change the course of someone’s world. You may never know it, but Will is proof of that.

Be Kind in all you do. One day it will find you and overwhelm you with eternal gratitude.” ❤️
Source: Jeanah Nomelli

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