Barber Shaves Off His Own Hair in Solidarity with Colleague and Friend Going Through Chemotherapy

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There are few words that resonate with our fellow man (and woman) than those contained within the phrase, “you are not alone.”

After all, it was a timeless hit song by Michael Jackson on his album ‘HIStory: Past, Present & Future,’ and just hearing those words is oftentimes enough to change someone’s mood for the better.


Just being there for someone going through tough times is one of the most profoundly helpful things a person can do, so much so that it could change a life. 


Showing solidarity for someone going through difficult times can be even more helpful.

Recently, a video clip was shared online by a barber named Neftali Martin, who was undergoing cancer treatment as of spring 2021.

His friend and fellow barber Joel Ortega was given the task of shaving Martin’s hair, as hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy, among many other side effects.

Neftali set up a camera to capture the moment he said goodbye to the rest of his hair at a barber shop in Alicante, Spain, and appeared visibly upset as his co-worker began to do shave it off.

As this was happening, Joel suddenly revved up the clippers and began using them on his own head, removing his own bleached-blonde locks in a show of support for his visibly frustrated friend.

It was then that Neftali began welling up with emotion over his friend’s incredible act of compassion.

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After shaving his own head, Joel came over to comfort him before using a hairdryer to blow off any excess hair.

The video was shared on TikTok where it went viral, racking up over nine million views and two million likes along with 26,000 comments.

Check it out below:


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A post shared by Neftali Martin (@neftabarber)

Neftali shared his perspective on the situation to his 17,400 Instagram followers in Spanish.

Translated below, it reads:

“You are not alone” those were the words of my great friend and co-worker, immediately afterwards, he shaved his head telling me that until I grew back he was going to continue shaving with me.

For those who don’t know him @imjooeel is not just a co-worker, for mine a brother.

I love you bro❤️


“This is so special and meaningful,” one commenter wrote in response.

“You rock big time.”

Other commenters spoke of the respect they had for the two friends, who worked at Lords and Barbers in Elche, Spain, and how “beautiful” the footage, as noted in this article from the website LADBible.

“You aren’t not a barber anymore, you are a hero,” another person wrote.

“HUGE HUGE RESPECT BUDDY,” another comment said.

The Lords and Barbers account shared the footage with the following comment: “We want to travel this path with you, together as we have always been. We want to show you what true friendship is, because we are all one.

“For the moments that we have passed and those that we have left to live. What the barber shop unites, let no one separate it.”

Barber’s Act of Kindness Makes List of ‘Faith in Humanity’ Video Series

This video was first brought to my attention through the popular ‘Faith in Humanity Restored’ series, which included it at the 5:09 mark of the compilation shown below.

These random acts of kindness have been viewed over 12.7 million times, and are sure to brighten your day. Check them out below, and be sure to share this article with anyone who needs a dose of love on this beautiful January day!

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