People Who Leave Parties Without Saying Goodbye Save Up To 2 Days Per Year, Recent Study Finds

people who leave parties early save two days
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Saying goodbye to friends at parties can sometimes be a lot of fun, but it does tend to be a time waster in many people’s opinion.

A five minute goodbye can quickly turn into 10, 15, or 20 minutes or more, as both parties often find that getting out of the conversation can become difficult.

While many people joke about it, others have decided to take action.

“Ghosting,” aka the ‘Irish Goodbye’ or the ‘French Exit,’ and any number of other similar terms, has become more popular in recent years as party-goers look for ways to avoid wasting time.

So, exactly how much time are people wasting by sticking around to say their final goodbyes to Aunt Gladys or Uncle Charlie?

One recent study has people talking, as it has revealed that these goodbyes could be taking up far more time each year than first realized.

Study of 2000 People Conducted on Leaving Parties Early 

guy leaves party

Researchers from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia interviewed 2,000 people who attended an average of 25 parties per year.

They asked them how long it takes to leave a party on average, and respondents said it took about 45 minutes per person, according to lead research Dean Hoddle. 

“That means we spend an average of 18 hours and 45 minutes each year saying goodbye,” he said.

  “But several respondents in our survey spend up to double that amount of time saying goodbye each year.”

Those who responded that they are often ‘forced into repeating the same excuses for leaving to multiple people,’ over and over again. They also said they risked ‘being convinced to stay at the party longer,’ especially by the host.

“Don’t fall into this trap,” Hoddle said according to an article from

“Typically most party hosts are too busy or wasted to care if you do a sneaky runner.”

Leaving The Party Early Has Been Popular for Centuries 

leaving the party early

Wayne Canning of the University said that he typically goes for a “clean exit,” because saying goodbye is usually just do time consuming and difficult. 

It may sound new, but this way of leaving a party actually dates back to 1751, according to the Oxford English Dictionary

“Saying goodbye typically used to account for the most social activity I did all night,” he said to

“Nowadays I always just go for the clean exit.”

If you’d like to try it, you can choose whether or not to say goodbye to the party’s host and your favorite guests at the party.

You also have the option of making a beeline for the door, although it may rub some people the wrong way who aren’t used to it.

The Irish Exit may be controversial, but it definitely saves time, according to Wil Fulton of, who wrote about leaving unexpectedly as a “sign of high moral character.”

It boils down to this: People really don’t care if you leave,” he said. “You aren’t Prince William making a grand exit out of cotillion. You are nobody. Nothing, in the cosmic sense. In the grand scheme of world politics and astrophysics and Golden Girl reruns you are strikingly insignificant.

“When you leave, the party will continue.”

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