Woman Refuses To Let A Man Board First-Class, But Regrets It Instantly After Hearing His Reply

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Airports are busy and difficult places to navigate, and oftentimes lead to stressful situations.

While traveling in an airport, one man named Emmit Walker was feeling above and beyond the stresses of airport life as he looked forward to a first-class trip to the Dominican Republic.

Emmit, a hard-working music company executive, had finally felt as though all his hard work was worth it as he stood in line, ready to board his flight.

That’s when a rude woman came along and spoiled everything, causing him to react — and his fellow travelers to give him a standing ovation for his bravery.

“I Believe You’re in the Wrong Place”

emitt eclass

Emmit was excited to be traveling, but had no idea what was about to happen.

While waiting in line, a woman approached him in a tizzy and tried to push past him in line.

“Excuse, me, excuse me!” the woman said, completely ignoring that another first-class passenger was in front of her.

In her mind, he obviously was not mean to be there.

She pointed at a sign meant for first class fliers, and said to Emmit, “I believe you’re in the wrong place.”

She tried to get in front of him, but Emmit remained calm.

“Priority means first class, correct?” he said.

The woman refused to let it go, and kept trying.

“He Must Be Military or Something”


The woman continued to hound Emmit, snapping at him by saying, “they’ll call y’all after we board,” assuming that he was not actually a part of first class after all.

That’s when Emmit pushed his chips to the center of the table by showing her his ticket.

Incredulously, the woman frowned and said loudly to her friends, “he must be military or something, but we we paid for our seats so he should still have to wait.”

Emmit remained puzzled.

Did this woman assume he couldn’t afford his ticket?

He didn’t want to assume she was judging him for his skin color.

Then, he gently explained that he’d been there first and refused to move aside.

“I’m too big to be in anyone’s military,” Emmit thought.

That’s when he told her how he really felt, sharing a few poignant words that had the entire crowd that had gathered around them clapping.

woman airport emmit

What unfolded next was a torrent of social media support for Emmit, who crafted a viral Facebook post about his experience, as well as an apology to the woman.

The woman had been put in her place, but relaxing on vacation in the Dominican Republic, Emmit still felt bad.

He decided to be the bigger man by releasing an apology, which is detailed in the video below.

All things considered, Emmit did the best he could to handle this rude and intolerant woman.

The way he made sure to take her feelings into consideration even after all that she did to him is a shining example of what kindness really means.

He should be commended for his patience, and one thing’s for sure — we can all learn a thing or two from his story.

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