Adorable Violet Chinchillas Look Perfectly Round From Behind

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Chinchillas are one of those “designer pets” that everyone seems to have wanted at one point in their lives.

I know I have!

Simply put, chinchillas are like the “pets to the stars.”

If you’ve ever thumbed through celebrity magazines before, chances are these incredibly cute furballs have caught your attention at one time or another.

Most people have heard the term chinchilla before, but haven’t seen one in person. They also don’t quite realize just how cute these adorable animals are, and what makes them so cute.


Chinchilla Origins Story

Yes, they come from the pet store, but chinchillas actually originate from the Andes Mountains.

They live at an altitude of nine to 15,000 feet, in areas with plenty of rock cover to hide from other animals. Skunks, eagles, hawks and snakes are among their predators.

They live a tough life out there in the wild — all the more reason to bring them inside!

chinchilla bottom

Did we mention they have a perfectly round bottom?

Animals just don’t get much cuter than this, and that includes cats, dogs, and every other kind of pet you could possibly imagine.

Have you ever owned a chinchilla before?

If not, you should know that chinchillas chew a lot. 

They need lots of open space to run around in, and they need regular baths.

Chinchillas are “night owls,” meaning they are quite active after the sun goes down.

They need a lot of patience, and a lot of attention, but they are most certainly worth it!

These impossibly cute little animals make for this season’s must-have handheld item.


Get a companion for your chinchilla, and the cuteness will increase exponentially over time.


If you’ve never had a chinchilla before, consult your local pet store, or consult this article from the website

Most chinchilla owners are quite satisfied with their pets. This is one animal you won’t soon forget!

Do you have a chinchilla, or know someone else who has one?

If not, show them these pictures. Chinchillas have the perfect round little bottoms, the cutest faces, and are among the most cuddly animals you will ever find.

The standard cost for a chinchilla is about $80 to $350, and care is generally not too expensive in comparison with most other animals.

But special breeds can fetch up to $12,000!

If you’re still on the fence about getting one, perhaps these pictures will change your mind.


One thing’s for sure: these are no ordinary “rodents.”

To own a chinchilla is to love a chinchilla. They are as cute as cute can be.

Let us know if you’ve ever had one before, and what you think of owning one as a pet.


Until then, thanks so much for reading.

We’d love to see your own chinchilla or other cute pet pictures in the comments section of this article!

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