5 Life Coaches That Shifted The Quality Of My Health, Wealth & Love Life Personally

What is a life coach? A life coach is defined as a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. Someone who is a guide, a mentor, someone who not only supports and encourages but gives direction, guidance and insight.

I have personally had coaches that have helped me with health challenges, financial challenges and relationship challenges. Many life coaches share that the three qualitative areas of life that can be measured that relate to the quality of one’s life have to do with health (mind, body, spirit), wealth (finances) and love (relationships).

These are the three key areas that are measurable and can be improved in one’s own life to have a higher quality of life. To feel happier, to attain goals and to accomplish one’s dreams. There are life coaches that I have benefited from personally in areas of my life such as health, wealth and love. These coaches are crucial to growth, new perspective, guidance, direction and encouragement.

Having a life coach in your corner allows for clarity, better decision making, more growth, evolution and opportunities for advancement. If we rely on our own understanding and guidance system we can be trapped in our same repetitive thoughts, negative beliefs and patterns that have held us back all along.

But with a coach, a mentor, a guide, we can quit smoking, lose weight, make more money, start a new career and quite literally change the direction of our lives.

These 5 Life Coaches Changed My Perspective On Life

    1. Dr. Wayne Dyer:Wayne Dyer has since passed but was an amazing life coach, speaker, teacher, author and educator. He was regularly featured on PBS television specials and is the author of books such as the power of intention, change your thoughts change your life, your erroneous zones, 10 secrets for inner success and peace and so many more. You can find them on amazon here. Dr. Dyer was also known for his documentary film ‘the shift’ which can be seen free on Youtube below:
    2. Tony Robbins:Tony Robbins is known as a life coach to many including Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton (no thanks), Hugh Jackman, Pitbull, and many others. He has wrote books such as Money: Master the game, Life Force, Awaken The Giant Within, Unshakeable and more! You can read his books on amazon here.  

3. Robin Sharma: 

Robin Sharma is a teacher of the zen philosophy of life and living. Author of the book “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” he teaches individuals how to value the higher purpose driven factors in life and how to cater your life around those. A great teacher, philosopher and insightful voice in the world of personal development and growth! You can see his books on amazon here.

Listen to his interview on Impact Theory here:

4. Lisa Nichols:

Lisa Nichols is a powerhouse speaker who was featured in the film ‘The Secret’ and has written books such as Abundance Now, Living Proof: Celebrating The Gifts That Came Wrapped in Sandpaper, and more! You can view her books on Amazon here. My favorite speech of hers is a talk called “Questions That Stir The Soul” which I have seen more than once. It’s incredibly powerful and insightful and can be viewed here:

5. Max Strom:

Max Strom is a teacher, speaker, trainer and author. He’s the author of “A Life Worth Breathing” and “There is no App For Happiness” He applies principles from yoga to life and living and is a rich source of wisdom, truth and alignment. His message is simple yet heart shifting and it has personally helped me to align with more grace, ease, truth and guidance in my own life personally. You can view his books on amazon here. You can view his “Breathe to Heal” talk here:

Do you feel like Life Coaching and Supporting others in their growth and development is part of your path and life journey?

Become a certified life coach and be that source of light, guidance and inspiration for others in a new career path. Take the leap today and become a certified life coach by clicking here.

Become a certified Life coach by clicking here today. 

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