Wild Orangutan Offers His Hand to Help Man Get Out of Snake-Infested Waters

orangutan hand outstretched photo

Humans and animals have always had a special bond, despite what the negative headlines may say.

While it is true that humans don’t always treat animals the way they deserve to be treated, and vice versa, there are still plenty of examples showing how we depend on each other for help in some of our darkest moments.

From rescue dogs “saving” their owners to humans rescuing animals from dire situations, this is something that we have always instinctively known.

During life threatening situations, our instinct to help becomes even more pronounced, as one photographer so deftly captured recently during an interaction between a human and an orangutan.

The situation happened while a nature conservancy guard was busy clearing away venomous snakes from a muddy body of water in Borneo, where a large population of orangutans resides.

Poisonous snakes are one of the biggest menaces to Bornean orangutans, which have plummeted in recent years.

That’s what one of the local orangutans stepped in to help, and the photographer got the opportunity for the shot of a lifetime.

“I Just Grabbed the Moment. It was Really Emotional.”

As the event unfolded, the photographer, Anil T. Prabhakar of Reminiscence Photography, quickly grabbed his camera and captured what would become his most viral work to date.

Prabhakar captured the exact moment in which the orangutan reached out his hand to help the struggling conservancy guard get out of the water.

Although the guard did not accept due to the wild nature of the animal, the heartwarming moment still went viral on Prabhakar’s Instagram page.

It gained over 74,000 likes in a matter of weeks.

“Let me help you? Once Humanity dying in Mankind, sometimes animals are guiding us back to our basics,” the photographer captioned the photo.

Commenters reflected on the stunning beauty and lesson invoked by the photo, of always having each other’s back, whether animal or human.

“This is a moment that I hope the world remembers. Compassion and concern are written in the lines of the face of this kind ape, ” one person commented on Prabhakar’s post.

“Although there is no certainty in life; this moment as captured depicts one of the primal instincts we share with many creatures. Love for others.

“This was the photo that we needed as a civilization, to remind us what it means to be civil. Thank you for your art, and for sharing such a powerful reminder in these dark times.”

Prabhakar said that he too was touched by having witnessed the orangutan’s act of kindness and was glad he had the opportunity to share it with the world.

It affected him on a deep level, as the often misunderstood creature showcased its love for others during a trying time, as the guard was under threat of poisonous snakes.

“I just grabbed that moment. It was really emotional,” he said.

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Prabhakar is a self-taught photographer who has practiced for nearly a decade and is based in Indonesia.

He said that he enjoys capturing arts and culture, wildlife, portraits, landscapes, and the eyes of living creatures as part of what he calls his “eye series.”

Some of his portraits of the local people and wildlife can be viewed here.

A video describing the situation in additional detail can be seen below.

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