Couples are Timing Their Pregnancies to Get Babies With “Good” Zodiac Signs

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Astrology and the zodiac sign life are taking the world by storm, and many couples are taking note.

Prospective mothers and fathers everywhere are taking their babies’ star sign into account while planning pregnancies, according to a report from Angela Lashbrook on

One couple interviewed in the article said she and her husband hoped that their first born child would be a Scorpio, like their father.

The sign of Scorpio denotes babies born from October 23 through November 1, so the couple aimed to make sure the baby would be born during that date range.

They stopped using birth control when they were near the cutoff date for conceiving a Scorpio.

The baby was born early, and ended up being a Libra.

The couple added that they specifically avoided one particular sign that neither mom nor dad said they get along with very well.

“We delayed trying for our next by a month, hoping to avoid a Pisces,” Warren said.

Eventually, an Aquarius son was born, and the couple deemed his birth a success.

The practice of celebrating babies’ zodiac signs has even led to the birth of an industry revolving around baby books like the one shown below (available on

baby aquarius book for mothers zodiac babies

Another mother named Kimberly Miller is a public health researcher in Los Angeles who grew up with an “anal Virgo mother” according to, and hoped to avoid giving birth to a Virgo baby, because the sign is known as a perfectionist.

The baby was supposed to be born during Leo season, from July 23 to August 22, but did not want to come out that soon.

Miller tried everything in her power to avoid having a Virgo baby, but she did anyway.

Apparently, God had other plans.

“Everyone in LA was like, ‘Eat the maternity salad,’ so I hauled ass to Studio City and ate it,” she said.

“My friend who is a psychic and Buddhist said she’d chant to bring on my labor before the cusp. So she was doing that. There was nipple stimulation, which I found unpleasant, and some raspberry tea thing.”

According to an astrologer named Claire Comstock-Gay interview by Vice, the zodiac sign of a child doesn’t necessarily determine its major positive or negative traits.

All kids and adults are different and unique in their own ways.

In other words, the parent should relax and let the universe fill in the details.

“The traits associated with each sign can be expressed in all kinds of different ways—not all Leos are stereotypically dramatic, not all Virgos are stereotypical neat freaks, et cetera,” she said.

She also added that it can be hard enough for children to figure out and assert their identities without adults trying to fit them into a certain box based on their sign.

“In general, I think it’s good to have a very light touch when using astrology to talk about kids,” she added.

Learn more in the full article here and let us know if you think this is as crazy as we do!

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