Proof That Women Can Be Stronger Than Men – Woman Squats Man As Another Beats Man in Arm Wrestling Match

There’s no doubt that there are some strong humans out there. Both men and women. But when you thing of a person who is very strong what do you typically think? A man? or a woman? Most people think men, and while men do have larger bone density, and biologically available hormones that allow them to develop larger and stronger muscles, it does not mean it’s the case 100% of the time.

There are some women that take their health and wellness very seriously and have the chops to prove it. There are women who routinely destroy men and have more strength than most men walking down the street.

We stumbled on a video today of a woman who lifted a man 14 times and that’s no small feat. She’s a strong woman, for SURE. Take a look..

In another video, a woman that clearly goes to the gym beats a man in an arm wrestling match..

She looks like she’s barely trying, while he’s over there breaking a sweat!

In yet another video, women are taking up fighting and having quite the success in taking on men even. In this video a woman is sparring with a man and actually ends up choking him out and putting him to sleep!

There’s no ‘battle of the sexes’ that’s a manufactured battle. However, it is really cool to see women have strength and resiliency to be able to compete at a high level with men who are biologically and hormonally hardwired to have a physical advantage over women. Props to these women for all their hard work! I’m inspired to get to the gym now!

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