Wild Video Shows Child Colliding With a Sloth While Ziplining in the Costa Rican Rainforest

sloth zipline

The town of La Fortuna in Costa Rica is a popular tourist attraction, with a large, active volcano in the background of a charming city square that includes vendors, shops, local crafts and artisans, and authentic Costa Rican food including the “typical” meal of rice, beans, fish, plantains and fruit juice.

The area is also a haven for adventure-seekers, including hikers, hot springs, explorers and zipliners.

Recently, one young zipliner got a lot more than they bargained for in the city, as part of a “wild ride” that has made national news headlines.

Child Collides With Sloth While Zooming Down a Zipline

sloth ziplining

The incident happened on March 13 in the Central American city, and was captured on video by an onlooker who posted it to social media.

In the video, which was captured by a tour guide at Go Adventure Arenal Park, the guide can be heard telling the boy “no break” before the child hits the slow-moving beast and quickly stops.

“I just clocked him straight in the face. What do I do about the sloth?” the boy asks in the video.

The tour guide answers, “We just wait.”

Sloths are one of the slowest moving animals and slowest-moving mammals in the world, but that doesn’t stop them from finding their way into the most unexpected places.

Tourists have even noticed sloths crossing from tree-to-tree like the country’s signature howler monkeys, even during difficult conditions like high winds and thunderstorms.

Sloths are a lot tougher than they look, and in this case, the lovable bear-looking creature appears to take the hit with grace and good humor as it waits toward the end of the zipline while appearing to wave to the camera man.

“Do we just wait?” asks the young boy at the conclusion of the incident.

“We just wait,” the tour guide affirms, as they remain stranded while waiting for the slow-moving creature to recover from the hit and continue along its path.


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According to park owner Flavio Leiton Ramos, the sloth appeared suddenly and caught the tour guides by surprise.

“So seven people went on that cable and there was no sloth on it, and within 30 seconds a sloth got on the cable,” Ramos said.

“The good thing was that the child was doing a great job by using the break, and also since the tour guide was with him, was able to handle the situation. But really the child did a great job.”

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