Family of Eight Fears Road Project Could Cause Their 120-Year-Old Home to Be Demolished

family of eight


There are few things in life more enjoyable than owning your own home, especially when you’ve also got a big, happy family with which to enjoy it.

Most people believe wholeheartedly that they are the sole owners of their homes, but time and time again, we see that it isn’t always the case in the eyes of government officials.

Homeowners from suburbia to the city to indigenous lands are routinely removed from their property all in the name of “the greater good,” and it now it looks as if it’s happening to a family of eight in suburban Michigan in a way that has onlookers and supporters crying foul.

“I Haven’t Told (My Daughter Yet), But the Bus Driver Did Mention It”

Michael and Christian Thursam are worried about a proposed road widening project in their hometown of Macomb Township, Michigan that will likely force them out of their 120-year-old family home.

Home to six children and their two parents, it is expected to be demolished to make way for a new road.

The couple thought that it would be their forever home, but now they’re worried about breaking the news to their children.

“I haven’t told the 6-year-old, but her bus driver did mention it in front of her,” Michael said.

According to Michael, the family is being “pretty much force(d)” out with eminent domain.

The house was built in 1900 and the family says they have changed their plans to work on it any further while they await news of their fate.

“He said every house along this corner would be at risk,” Michael said he was told by a Macomb County employee.

“If they’re going to put a wrecking ball through it, why would I put more money into it,” Christian said.

“So I asked the guy if we should be working on the house – he said don’t count on it.”

“To Move Her to Another School Would Be Heartbreaking”

The home is a family heirloom, and the couple hopes they can stay.

But things don’t look good.

According to Christian, they have a special needs child and they want to keep her in her current school.

“To move her to another school would be heartbreaking for her, and they have a 5 year plan. We would have to stay in this area here, which we can’t afford,” said Christian.

“They can’t offer us enough to stay in this area.”

The local Department of Roads said nothing has been decided yet, but the family sees the writing on the wall, according to a report from a local news station.

Watch video of the family’s predicament below, and let us know what you think of their situation in the comments section of this article.

What would you do if this were happening to your family — and what do you think this family should do!?


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