Woman’s “UTI” Was Actually Glass Tumbler Lodged Inside Her Bladder for Four Years

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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are fairly common in the United States and other countries, and can be quite harmful and debilitating to those who suffer from them.

Recently, one patient, a 45-year-old woman from Tunisia, visited the hospital after experiencing symptoms consistent with the condition, such as frequent urination among others.

Upon further inspection, scans revealed the truth of what was going on inside of her body, and the picture revealed by x-ray scans was not pretty.

Woman Horrified to Discover the Truth About Her “UTI” Condition

hospital tunisia glass tumbler

It turns out that the woman did not have a UTI at all.

X-rays revealed that a “giant” 8 centimeter-wide bladder stone had been growing for four years inside of her, encasing what appeared to be a drinking glass according to a report from LADBible.

This is where the story takes an even more unexpected turn, as the woman revealed that the glass had been lodged inside of her after inserting it for “erotic purposes.”

Bladder stones typically develop when urine is not completely and properly expelled from the bladder.

In worst case scenarios, they can also occur from foreign objects being wedged inside the body, such as in this woman’s case.

Glass Tumbler Had Been Used as a Sex Toy

She reportedly had used the glass as a sex toy in her early 40s, and it had since become lodged inside of her.

The rare case was published in the medical journal Urology Case Reports, detailed what had taken place at Habib Bourguiba University Hospital in Sfax, Tunisia.

The journal entry states that the woman experienced no blood in her urine and did not suffer from urinary incontinence, which are both symptoms of UTIs.

Her urine revealed a red blood cell range of 23-25, in contrast with a normal range of four or less.

Doctors said her body was most likely fighting off another illness.

Woman With Tumbler Lodged Inside of Her Makes Full Recovery

To remove the bladder stone, medics performed a cystolithotomy on the woman, and the operation was a complete success.

She was eventually discharged two days later, after making a full recovery.

Doctors have since revealed that there have been a “relatively high” number of similar incidents reported among women who have inserted foreign objects into their urethra for pleasure.

Doctors warn that women should be aware of these consequences, as disease conditions could occur as a result in similar cases where the object becomes stuck.

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