After Her Owner Died This Old Dog Was Left At A Shelter, But Then A Mysterious Man Showed Up On a Motorcycle

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One of the great joys in life is taking care of a pet dog, and watching them grow from a puppy into a mature and always lovable member of the family.

Most times, dogs end up living with their families until the end of their lives, and are only separated due to ill health, old age, and other reasons.

The case of an older dog named Julep was much different, though.

Julep was left in a shelter after her owner passed away, and things seemed grim for quite a while.

Julep laid in bed at night, unable to comprehend what she did wrong after 18 years of life beside her now departed owner.

That’s when a mysterious man on a motorcycle showed up to give Julep, and this story, the happy ending that she deserved.

“Like a Knight in Shining Armor”

Julep the dog

Most of the time only puppies or young dogs are adopted, but this story has a different twist to it.

The universe, or God if you prefer, has a way of arranging fated meetings all the time — whether between humans and other humans or humans and animal companions.

While waiting at the Human Rescue Alliance Shelter in Washington, D.C., Julep was said to be doing quite well despite her advanced age.

That’s when things started to get even better.

“Everyone’s Nerves Were Tingling”

Much like Julep, Wayne Lurch had been struggling with a loss of his own, in this case his beloved pitbull Jasmine who passed away just weeks prior.

Jasmine had been Wayne’s 60-pound “lapdog” of a pitbull for 11 years.

“She was probably the hardest dog for me to lose,” Wayne said.

Meanwhile, friends of the shelter went to work, making a grand total of 4,000 Facebook posts in hopes of finding Julep a home.

Wayne saw the elder dog was in need of a human, and decided to arrange a meeting for the next day.

“Everyone’s nerves were tingling hoping the meeting would end in adoption,” said David M. Smith, head of the shelter’s communications department.

As Wayne rode over, he didn’t know if he would be able to handle bringing home a new dog so soon.

After all, he had just lost his beloved Jasmine a few short weeks earlier.

“I told myself not to make any rash decisions,” Wayne said to a local news publication.

As Wayne got to the shelter, the story took its final twist — it was love at first sight, and this time, there was no going back.


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