Heroic Mom Repeatedly Punches Mountain Lion With Her Bare Hands, Saving 5-Year-Old Son’s Life

mountain lion mother saves son

When a 65-pound mountain lion attacked her 5-year old son on Thursday morning, a California woman did not stand idly by.

Instead, she fought back and saved him.

The incident occurred in Calabasas when the boy was playing by a tree near his home.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Spokesman Patrick Foy said that at about 8:30 am (local time), the mother heard screaming outside of their house while she was doing some yard work with two other children nearby, aged 3 years and 7 months respectively.

She rushed over to find her child had been dragged into an adjacent backyard under attack from what appeared to be a full grown adult male puma — which are also known as cougars or mountain lions!

Her drastic reaction? Without thinking twice for even one second, she immediately used all of her strength, unleashing a fury of punches on the animal.

The boy was dragged about 45 yards before adrenaline kicked in and the woman came to her son’s rescue.

“She ran out of the house and started punching and striking the mountain lion with her bare hands and got him off her son,” Foy said.

“The true hero of this story is his mom because she absolutely saved her son’s life.”

The mother noticed the attack taking place after she heard her son screaming.

He suffered traumatic injuries to his head and torso, and was later taken to the children’s hospital in Los Angeles.

Wildlife officials were notified of the attack, so an officer went to check on it. They noticed that there was a mountain lion in the corner of their property who seemed “aggressive.”

Officials said they believed the mountain lion was responsible for the attack due to its location and behavior, so it was shot and killed it on site as a means of protecting public safety.

Shortly after the puma was killed, two more mountain lions arrived on the scene, including a full-grown adult with a radio collar similar to the previous one.

Citing safety concerns, officials on the scene shot a second lion with a nonlethal tranquilizer gun before returning it to the wild.

The size of the deceased lion indicated that it was a kitten, the officials added.

It may have been learning how to hunt and decided to go after the child because it is still learning how to hunt for food.

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