People Who Do These Eight Things for Others Are Much Happier, Study Finds

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Happiness is of the utmost importance for most people, but it can often be an elusive thing.

Recently, a new survey found out that there are many surprising ways to become happier that are far outside the scope of what is considered normal in our culture for creating happiness.

The survey was conducted among 2,000 U.S. adults, and conducted by OnePoll ahead of Giving Tuesday, according to an article posted on the Good News Network.

What the survey found was that those who give back or perform good deeds are twice as likely to say that they are satisfied with their lives.

The poll found that most people think a “good deed” is an action that makes someone else feel good. That was the definition that was found by the survey.

Such an action can be taken in regards to an individual regardless of whether you know them personally or not.

Over half of the respondents said that helping someone with a task, donating to someone in need, or even doing something as simple as holding a door open for someone or saying “good morning” are small acts that have the ability to transform their day and make them happier.

The best reward, according to 9 out of 10 people surveyed, could simply be performing the deed itself.

According to the survey, the benefits from doing such good deeds offer immediate mental and physical health benefits, causing the people who perform them to feel happy (92% of respondents), relaxed (77%), and healthy (71%).

Aside from recording their feelings after giving or doing good deeds, the respondents were also profiled on how much money they donate each year.

The survey found that the average donation amount was about $168, and the holiday season was the most popular time to give.

On average, an an extra $404 was given out to others during the holidays, the survey also found.

Most of those who donate are likely to focus their efforts on local groups rather than national charities or organizations, the survey also found.

A total of 92% of respondents reported this as having occurred.

Eight out of 10 of those surveyed added that they’re more likely to shop for a specific product or at a certain store if they believe it will benefit a cause they care about.

The following is a list of the most rewarding small deeds you can do, according to the survey.

If you’ve been feeling down lately, doing these eight things can make a huge difference in your mental, physical and emotional health during the holiday season, or any time for that matter.

1. Helping a colleague, friend or family member with a task (61%)
2. Donating to someone in need (59%)
3. Saying “good morning” to another person (53%)
4. Holding a door open for someone else (52%)
5. Complimenting someone (52%)
6. Paying for another person’s meal (46%)
7. Buying a coffee or other small item for someone (43%)
8. Helping carry another person’s groceries (42%)

Next time you have an opportunity to help out in these ways, do not hesitate!

It could the other person’s day, and make yours as well.

Thanks for reading!

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