Entrepreneur Hires Someone to Slap Him Every Time He Uses Facebook to Break His Addiction

Pavlok wrist founder slapper
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This goes without saying, but Facebook is incredibly addictive.

Oftentimes, we log onto the social media platform and spend two to three hours or more simply browsing to see what others have posted recently, not realizing that we are dabbling in a virtual world that bears little resemblance to what’s happening in real life.

Facebook is planning to roll out its newest iteration, Meta aka the Metaverse, sometime in the future, but for now, the company remains as viable as ever due to the addictive habits of its readers.

The addiction can be exceedingly hard to break as most of us know, which is why one Indian American entrepreneur decided to go to extremes as part of a story that began in 2012 and is still going viral across the web.

It all began with the hiring of an assistant for a curious job, and has continued to widespread fanfare.

“The Amount of Time I Was Spending on Facebook Was Incredibly Stupid”

The entrepreneur, Maneesh Sethi, told VICE that he was getting tired of wasting time on social media, so he decided to take the extreme measure of hiring someone to slap him every time he used Facebook.

“The amount of time I was spending on Reddit and Facebook was incredibly stupid and it was time to stop,” he said according to the website.

“After using (the time management app) RescueTime, I found I was wasting 19 hours a day, and it made me realize I suck at working by myself so I needed someone who would make me work.

“So, I went to Craigslist and put up an advertisement titled ‘Slap me if I get off task’ for $8 an hour.”

Video of the man being slapped by the “professional slapper” he hired can be seen below.

Last week, the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, responded to a tweet showing the slapper in action, causing Sethi’s story to go viral yet again.

Social media use has gone up since March of last year, leading to more and more addictive behavior according to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontier Psychiatry.

While the experiment was unconventional in nature, Sethi said it’s something many people can relate to due to their own difficulties in staying off of social media.

“The experiment has a natural viral element to it because it’s so unconventional, and it’s trying to solve a problem so many can relate with,” Sethi said, adding that his bad habits have gotten worse in the past year and change due to world circumstances.

Sethi’s experiment also happened in San Francisco, where slap bets were becoming common, he said.

According to the entrepreneur, the method was so effective that it quadrupled his productivity, for numerous different reasons.

“It was an experiment that taught me that the social element is more important than the fear of being slapped,” he said.

“Having a teammate to work with and bounce ideas from is ideal to focus and get out of your comfort zone.”

Entrepreneur Turns Addiction Into Inspiration 

The experience even led to the development of a product that has been called a “wearable behavior training device,” the Pavlok 3 wrist-based trainer device.

Sethi Pavlok 3 founder

The Pavlok tracks the user’s steps, activity throughout the day, and sleeping patterns to paint an accurate picture of how much time the user is spending in the real world as opposed to behind a computer screen.

It has been dubbed as being “A Mindfulness Coach On Your Wrist.”

Sethi’s story is yet another testament that the struggles we go through are not in vain, and that new ideas and ways of doing things often result.

The struggle and the obstacles become the path, so to speak — even if you have to pay someone to become that obstacle.

“I decided to take control and stop wasting time on it and redirect it to what was important to me,” Sethi said to VICE.

“Now, I want to help others achieve what I dreamt about back then.”

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