In Strangest Tweet Yet In The History Of Twitter – His Own Potential Death

In a strange twist of events the mega-billionaire and new owner of twitter tweeted out what might quite possibly be the strangest tweet in the history of twitter.

Yesterday, at 5:51 PM Elon Musk tweeted out “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya” verbatim.

Here’s the tweet:

Many are confused by the tweet. It received over 150,000 retweets and over 1.5 million likes. Making it one of the most popular tweets of ALL time. The question remains however, why did Elon Musk tweet this out? What mysterious circumstances would cause his death?

No one truly knows. But the facts that we do know lead us to more in depth questions. First, after becoming the new owner of twitter he did reinstate Donald Trump’s twitter account, from which he was previously banned. Does the political hierarchy have something to do with it?

Next, Elon is also very connected to ‘space travel’ – which hasn’t quite happened, but are there some sort of forces beyond earth that he’s communicating with that are causing some potential issue?

Lastly, Elon has become known as an advocate for free speech. Not everyone seems to take kindly to the idea of free speech and allowing humans to say whatever they want on social media platforms. Could big tech and/or political interests be plotting a conspiracy against him and his life?

The only outcome the majority of the internet seems to face without question is that his bravery to focus on free speech and allow people to speak their minds have disgruntled others. Other social media platforms such as, well, we won’t name who (hopefully you’re already aware) have censored free speech of their very users, which has left people feeling distrust for these big tech giants.

There’s no doubt that Elon has made some enemies in business, in big tech and big politics, but who could be after his life?

One things for certain, Musk plays the role of the ‘reluctant hero’ quite well and will continue to parade and troll people on twitter who do not agree with his beliefs around free speech and a free country. Whether you like him or dislike him, he definitely has set the internet ablaze recently.

Oddly enough someone tweeted him about going to heaven or hell and it seems that Elon is okay with going to Hell. Check out his response to this persons tweet. Why do you think Elon wouldn’t even consider life after death? Does he think he knows something that the rest of humanity doesn’t? or does he feel he deserves to burn eternally in hell? What’s going on here…

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