4,500-Year-Old Egyptian Statue With Rock Crystal Eyes Shows Incredible Craftsmanship

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If you’ve ever been to Egypt, you’re probably aware that there’s a lot more to see than just pyramids.

The ancient Egyptians were also well known for their statuary and artisans.

Ka’aper is a well-known priest and scribe who was often depicted in statue form due to his artistic value throughout the centuries.

His wooden statue is truly incredible. The lifelike nature of the piece along with its incredibly detailed appearance demonstrate both the ability and expertise present in ancient artisanship that modern artists are incapable or unwilling to recreate.

The statue of Ka’aper was found in excellent condition within his tomb (called a mastaba) at the Saqqara necropolis. It dates to the 5th dynasty of Egypt, circa 2500 BCE and he is shown not as an idealized figure but one that looks realistic with wrinkles on its face.

kaaper statue

The staff in hand symbolizes authority which confirms Scribe Ka’aper held some sort of power during this time period when kings ruled over large populations across almost all regions along Nile River.

The most striking feature of the piece is its eyes, which are carved out of rock crystal and copper. The statue has managed to survive for so long despite being made from sycamore wood. One element that appears deteriorated was probably originally plastered and painted with an outermost layer; however, even this part still remains in remarkable condition at a level quite impressive enough to make it worth marveling over how well preserved it really is!

This famous statue is now held at The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt, along with other stunning examples of Egyptian art

His wife is also shown in this picture from Wikipedia Commons.

wife of kaaper statue

His left eye has a grey mark, which some scholars suppose to be a cataract, or eye illness with which he suffered.

craftsmanship egypt statue

But it could also have appeared due to a weakening of the resin in the sculpture.

Learn more about these stunning treasures in the video below.


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