These 4 Yoga Stretches Are Best For Lower Back Pain

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There’s no doubt that yoga is a great tool for stretching, mobility and strength. There’s also no doubt that lower back pain or lower back tension is something we deal with in life. We deal with this because we sit in chairs too often, we sit in cars too often. We sit in general too often! There’s a reason they say ‘sitting is the new smoking’ because we sit so much!

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Sitting is okay if our posture is okay with it, but the longer we sit the more tired our muscles and body becomes which leads to tiredness, weakness and atrophy in these areas as we begin to slump over. The hunchback shoulders and weight then begins to weigh on your back causing tension, pain and inflammation.

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Here Are 4 Yoga Stretches For Lower Back Pain:

The four best poses for lower back pain are child’s pose, cat and cow stretch, sphinx pose and the supine spinal twist. These are all in the video below at the following time marks:

  1. How to do Child’s Pose: 0:07 – 1:07
    2. How to do Cat and Cow Stretch: 1:08 – 2:08
    3. How to do Sphinx Pose: 2:09 – 3:14
    4. How to do Supine Spinal Twist: 3:15 – 4:06

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