28 Year Old Man Thought To Have Lung Tumor Actually Had Tree Growing in His Lungs

A 28 year old Russian man named Artyom Sidorkin has had quite a unique life experience to say the least. One day he felt a sharp pain coming from his chest, at first trying to brush it off. He simply didn’t want to deal with it. The pain got so bad he could barely stand up, and he began coughing up blood.

Finally he want to the emergency room. The doctors assumed it must be something serious based on how he was responding. He looked very weak and pale in the face, hunched over and very sick looking. They assumed this must be something very serious. The assumption was that he had a tumor in his lungs.

After the X-ray they looked and saw that yep, there was in fact a mass in his lungs. Before they went to just start removing huge pieces of his lungs they asked to remove just a small piece of his lungs to see if it’s cancerous or not. They scheduled a biopsy and the surgeon pulled out a small piece of lung tissue and realized that there was something they pulled out that seemed to be holding the lung tissue, as if the tissue was in an envelope. There, growing on the side of his lung was a small fir tree. A 5 centimenter tree!

Mr. Sidorkin was a botanist, so they believe he inhaled a seed of a fir tree and it got lodged inside of his lung tissue. As it grow it became a tree. As it landed and got lodged in a damp and moist place in his lungs and ended up growing. The fir needles ended up piercing his lungs which was causing the pain and bleeding.

After a discovery of what was inside of his lung a spokesperson or the royal botanical gardens in London said that it is possible for a seed to germinate in side of the lungs but that it is also unbelievably bizarre.

There was a 5 centimeter long thriving fir tree growing in his lungs from simply inhaling a seed.

Mr. Sidorkin was shocked and stated “I never got the sense that there was a tree growing inside of me.”

One thing is for certain. If there is a lesson to be learned in all this its to breathe like our ancestors did. Breathe in through the nose and keep that mouth shut, that will reduce the chances of a tree growing in your lungs by quite a bit!

Watch this man share the story on video here:

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