Former President Donald Trump Says He’s Done More for Christianity and Religion Than Anyone Else

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Donald Trump said more than a few outlandish things during his time as president, but what he said during a call-in show in October of this year just may take the cake.

Trump called in to say something about religion, Christianity and religious people themselves that may be shocking to anyone who doesn’t his style of speaking, but perhaps would not be surprising at all to anyone who has been following his career.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the whole situation is that a similar article detailing something Trump said was shared in a satire article from a website called the Babylon Bee almost two years earlier.

The video of Trump’s comments can be seen below.

Trump called into the religious right talk show ‘Flashpoint’ and had the following to say when asked by the host, “How should they stay engaged with you, and the nation during this tumultuous time?”

Trump’s response:

“So, nobody has done more for Christianity or for evangelicals, or for religion itself.”

Did Satire Site The Babylon Bee Predict Trump Statement?

In December 2019, the Web site The Babylon Bee seemed to predict Trump’s statement when they released a satire article with the title, Trump: ‘I Have Done More For Christianity Than Jesus.’

Although Trump did not come out and say that he has “trumped” Jesus Christ himself directly, he did leave out the central figure in Christianity, whom Christians say is the Son of God, in his latest statement.

The Bee satire article can be read here, and the headline can be seen below.

Trump Babylon Bee

In the article, the made-up Trump quotes sound somewhat similar to what Trump said recently, although he goes overboard talking about Jesus and his disappearance in the fake article, as shown below.

In response to the Christianity Today editorial calling for his removal, Trump called the magazine a “left-wing rag” and said,

“I have done more for Christianity than Jesus.”

“I mean, the name of the magazine is Christianity Today, and who is doing more for Christians today? Not Jesus. He disappeared; no one knows what happened to him. But I’m out there every day protecting churches from crazy liberals.”

What do you think about Trump’s comments, and might this change whether you would support him as a political commentator or vote for him for president or not?

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