Ex-Navy Seal Tells Joe Rogan The US Military is Building a Real Iron Man Suit

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There’s no doubt that Joe Rogan’s podcast has become one of the more popular podcasts online in recent years. Boasting millions of views per episode at times and cumulatively having billions of impressions across the network of content he’s published online. One thing’s for certain, Rogan is a media empire in and of himself.

Recently Rogan had an ex-Navy Seal on the show. Kristin Beck, a former Navy Seal and quite the personality made an appearance recently, sharing something that the Government and military is working on that might be a bit concerning to some of us. But also kind of cool, but also kind of scary if in the wrong hands, which it could easily fall into.

Kristin Beck Shares..

“When I was working on the Iron Man Project.”

Rogan interjects: “What’s the Iron Man project?”

Beck Responds: “It was the Iron Man Project, so we’re trying to build the suit.”

“It was called Carnivore at first, and a couple other names.”

Rogan: “What is the suit made out of?”

Beck: “It is made of titanium, carbon fiber, all the top stuff.”

Rogan: “is it an exoskeleton?”

Beck: “Yes, you can carry 1,000 pounds. We’re getting there. How are you going to move it if it is an exoskeleton? How are you going to get these guys around? These are huge.

Rogan: “So you could only get a couple of these on a plane?”

Beck: “I don’t know, maybe four.”

Beck: “I was a weird seal. I was a techie. I was very technical. I worked at all the national laboratories. All the places we built. The Manhattan project. We still have all of these facilities around. I worked with them. We invented for the military and civilian use.”

Beck Continues: “The Iron Man project is really cool.”

Beck Continues: “Nuclear battery is pretty much the only way you can go.”

Rogan: “But those nuclear batteries, how dangerous are they to be around?”

Beck: “You could have a lead shield.”

Rogan: “is there a way to shield it?”

Beck: “Yeah, you could carry it around in a suitcase.”

Beck: “It’s been released by popular mechanics, but there are still many people working on it who are classified.”

Beck: “They work with paralyzed people. People who are paralyzed can wear them and walk around.”

Beck: “There are pros and cons”

Rogan: “How far do you think they are from developing autonomous robots that replace people? With weapons?”

Beck: “We already have them. The stuff we have now. I was working on these, 10 15, 20 years ago. We’d walk into a chip manufacturer. We’d show them what we were working on now. Show them a chip and give them $3 million bucks and say make this chip half the size.”

Beck: “For my budget, I think I had $60 million dollars. I know the sizes. You can have a chip, and a chip inside of a chip, and a chip inside of another chip. Inside the chip you have programs and routines.

Beck: “We have autonomous. Airplanes, vehicles. All of it. We are fully capable to go fully autonomous in warfare.”

What a fascinating conversation. How advanced do you think these Iron man suits will become? They fly and can do things that make human beings bionic. In a separate conversation Joe Rogan had the real Iron Man on his show, Robert Downey Jr. and they talked about Robert coming back and doing another Iron Man. You can watch that clip here:

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