Burn Fat Now? 3 Important Things To Remember (Summer Body Advice)

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Summer is getting close. Just a few months around the corner now and the weather is warming up. There are some key things you need to remember if you really want to burn fat and bring the summer in with a bang. Burning fat is more about working smart than it is about working hard,  you’ll need a bit of both obviously, however, most people focus so much on the burning sweat and caloric restriction that they actually starve their body of nutrition that is needed for recovery and to burn muscle.

When you burn fat you feed the muscle, and when you feed the muscle you burn the fat. You need both working together in unison to get that trim waistline.

In order to work smart, we need to work backwards. What does fat like? what does muscle like? What does muscle need? How can we starve the fat and feed the muscle? Today we’ll explore 3 key areas that will give you the most insight for your health and vitality, giving you energy and awakening a healthy fit body underneath.

Are you ready? I sure hope so. By following these basic smart principles you can position your body to burn fat and feed muscle, in doing so and staying consistent you’ll shed fat and see more of your muscle reveal itself month after month.

3 Universal Fat Burning Principles That Work Like Clockwork

  1. Sleep Smarter:

    Most people get to sleep too late and this causes a weak recovery of the physical body. 10 PM till 2 AM is the window that is the most valuable recovery time for the body. If you want to have higher levels of energy, burn fat while you sleep, and wake up feeling energized ready to conquer your day and burn more calories off at the gym you need a good sleep schedule and routine. Your circadian rhythm (internal biological clock) is tied to this routine and the more dialed in it is the more energy you will have. I promise that you’ll feel more energized, invigorated and conquer your goals easier and faster. I recommend Qualia Night sleep supplement (click here to visit) and use the code healthywildandfree for 10% off your order. This will improve the quality of your sleep you’ll find! Especially if you have sleep issues currently.

  2. Start Your Day With The Key 3!

    If you start your day by picking up your phone and checking your notifications I can almost guarantee that you will not have a productive fat burning and health building day. Instead focus on the key three things you can do for your health every day. First, drink water and hydrate. While sleeping we become dehydrated and this leads to many issues in the body. By hydrating properly you’re giving your body an internal shower. Second, add some sort of nutrient powder to your water. I recommend a green powder such as this one (click here to visit) to curb cravings first thing in the day, and give your body not only hydration but also nutrients to power up your body, cells and day! Lastly, move first thing. After getting water and nutrients taking time to move your body and integrate that hydration and nutrient gift is the best thing that you can do. I say “Hydrate, Nutrify & MOVE!” If you can start your day with these three things, you’ll be off to a great start, have more energy and your body will be in a fat burning mode each day.You may ask, what is the best form of movement to burn fat? I personally like the bellicon rebounder as it is the best exercise for the body, cells, it’s calm on the joints and specifically benefits the lymphatic system which needs movement in order to burn fat. You can get the new Bellicon Go Rebounder by clicking here (with free shipping). It’s their newest model which is $200 cheaper than their cheapest model before which is quite exciting!

    Click Here To Visit Bellicon’s Website & See Which Rebounder is Right For You. (The Bellicon Go is their newest and cheapest model, coming in $200 cheaper than the same model at the same 44 inch frame from before!).

  3. Trade Sugar For Protein:

    Sugar causes an insulin spike and it is a quick form of energy that feeds the fat. Natural sugars from fruits and vegetables aren’t going to feed the fat as much as processed sugars, but processed sugars are very addictive and very commonplace in our society, especially when it comes to “Sports drinks” and workout bars. These are filled with sugar and it defeats the purpose of consuming them. When your blood sugar is low you can reach for sugar or you can reach for protein. Sugar will be quick and easy, but protein can be too. If you can realize that sugar is as addictive as cocaine (3 Healthy Sugar Alternatives –> click here). You can replace sugar with healthier options, or simply grab protein such as nuts, seeds, a steak, fish, chicken, eggs. Protein helps to balance blood sugar levels just like sugar does.

    Protein also helps to build muscle, while sugar will give your muscles energy in short term, protein is what’s responsible for actually building them. So sugar can feed the muscles and fat both, while protein only feeds the muscles.

    I recommend either a protein powder from a company like Boku Superfoods (click here to visit, and use the code healthywildfree for 10% off) or an amino acid powder or pill from BodyHealth, click here to visit bodyhealth and be sure to use the code healthywildfree for 20% off also. Either of these options will feed the growth and development of your muscles and will curb sugar cravings. Protein curbs sugar cravings and keeps them at bay. Remember that your sleep plays a large role in your energy levels and your energy levels determine to a large degree the quality of the food that you eat and how much energy you have to burn calories at the gym.

    Sleep is incredibly important. Next, waking up in the morning and having a good morning routine is incredibly important. Having hydration from water, nutrients and a solid movement practice to starts the day gets the blood and lymphatic system moving and puts your body into a state of fat burning all day long. Lastly, we have switching out sugar for protein. Protein is going to balance your blood sugar levels and cravings and help to support and feed the muscle building and development, while sugar will contribute only to a bigger waistline.

    If you follow these practices and create a consistent and healthy routine with them you will see massive changes in your health, energy and weight (in particularly related to belly fat) week by week. You can do it. Bookmark this article and do one new step at a time, then add the second step in the next week, and so on and so forth. I’m here to support you and with each small improvement you’ll be making massive shifts in the long run. For more health and wellness inspiration be sure to follow @healthywildfree on instagram for daily health tips, practices and guidance.

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