This is What You Need To Know About Olive Oil But Aren’t Told

Blue zones are regions of the world where cultures regularly live to 100+ years old. Centenarians is what they’re called. People who live ripe into their old age and the buttons on their pants don’t even pop! These human specimen are crafty, fun, lively, and most importantly extremely healthy.

Modern science and researchers have diagnosed these cultures and asked questions like ‘what makes these cultures live so long and so healthy?’ and the answers are evident and clear.

These cultures have a great sense of community, a faith in God or a higher power, a healthy whole food based diet, they are active and move often including dance, and they sleep deeply and very well.

These common traits seem to hold their weight in each of these five cultures with consistency. In other words, these are very valuable things for health and longevity of any society of people.

Out of curiosity today I was researching a bit deeper to find commonalities between these cultures beyond these 5 traits. It just so happens that three of the five (60%) of these cultures consume the same fruit oil regularly. That fruit nut oil happens to be olive oil, but not just any olive oil. A specific kind. Something that may not be so easy as to just find at whole foods or any health food store.

If you’re like me, you love olive oil. It’s delicious and nutritious and full of healthy fats. It’s rich in monounsaturated fats which are fats that in this case are comprised mainly of oleic acid. Oleic acid is specifically beneficial in preventing heart disease and reducing cholesterol. Heart disease happens to be the number one cause of disease here in the US.

Blue zones such as Loma Linda California and Sardinia Italy, as well as Ikaria Greece all use olive oil in their diet on a regular basis. That’s right, 60% of blue zones on earth use Olive oil in their diet routinely. A blue zone is a place where people live to 100+ years old regularly.

What Type Of Olive Oil Do These Cultures Consume?

These cultures consume extra virgin, organic olive oil. What’s the difference between regular olive oil and extra virgin? Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed olives that are not mixed with processed olive oils in the mix. Organic simply means that the olive trees are grown without pesticides and fertilizers, but not so fast. The organic standard in the United States is lower than the organic standard of that in the EU (Europe). So what you’re looking for is extra virgin (cold pressed) olive oil that is organic, ideally certified organic from a region in the world that does not allow for pesticides and fertilizers that in the US are still ‘okay’ and labeled organic. I searched high and low for the best olive oil I could find and I found a company called Kasandrinos Olive Oil (click here to visit) that happens to be extra virgin olive oil, certified organic and imported directly from Greece! A country that contains a blue zone.

The Dirty Secrets Of The Olive Oil Industry

I used to live in the largest middle eastern populated city in the US, Dearborn Michigan. Just outside of Detroit. During this time I ate a lot of middle eastern cuisine and there were many different olive oil brands and varieties from all over the middle east. One thing I learned during this time was that companies would mix olive oil with vegetable oils to create a cheaper product to bring their cost down to be competitive in the olive oil market. The problem with this is that these rancid oils are oxidized. These are oils from canola and other vegetable byproducts that are inflammatory and quite literally damage the entire product. You do not want to ingest any of these oils at all! So I was very grateful to find Kasandrinos Olive oil. Additionally, Kasandrinos Olive oil is priced similar to any other olive oil brand in the store yet the quality and taste are far superior. Click here to read more about their story on their website. They are giving away a free bottle of olive oil, just to try it out! Just pay 8 bucks shipping and it’s yours!

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The Key 3 Benefits Of Olive Oil:

  1. Olive Oil is Heart Protective: As shared, olive oil is heart protective. It quite literally protects the heart and cardiovascular system. It helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. The high oleic acid in Kasandrinos Olive Oil really helps to support cardiovascular health as a whole. Make sure to use: healthywildfree as a discount code when you order.
  2. Olive Oil is Anti-Inflammatory: Olive oil is rich in an array of antioxidants and oleocanthal which is comparable to ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory drug. The oleic acid has anti-inflammatory effects on the body as well. Additionally, one study found that olive oil inhibited specific genes and protein markers that activate inflammation in the human body. This is a strong anti-inflammatory aid!
  3. Olive Oil is Neuroprotective: Olive oil with it’s strong anti-inflammatory benefits are not only heart protective but protective of the brain as well. Additionally, studies with mice found that regular consumption of olive oil actually helped to clean up plaque in the brain. This plaque is what causes neurodegenerative diseases to have a foothold and wreak havoc. High quality olive oil like Kasandrinos quite literally works to remove this plaque and reduce inflammation that leads to neurodegenerative conditions as well. To sum it up, olive oil is rich in antioxidants, healthy fats and has multiple anti-inflammatory benefits. These benefit the heart, the brain, the joints, the hair, skin, nails and so much more. This is a beauty oil that has been used in the middle east both internally and externally (topically) for centuries. I recommend grabbing a bottle or two of Kasandrinos Olive oil, click here to visit their website. You’ll be glad you did! use the discount code: healthywildfree for 15% off while it lasts!

Important to note: Olive oil is best consumed raw. Add it on top of salads, or raw veggies, or make it into a veggie dip. Cooking with olive oil destabilizes the fats and antioxidants that have all of these therapeutic health benefits.

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