Anthony Bourdain Reveals 5 Dirty Little Secrets About Restaurants To Pay Attention To

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Anthony Bourdain was such an amazing explorer of food and culture that taught us so much about food, travel and living. He brought different types of food to the forefront, and he exposed us to new cultures and new foods in those cultures that we have may never been aware of. He will be deeply missed for his contribution to our kitchens, our families, our belly’s and our hearts.

He did leave behind some valuable insight when it came to restaurants however. He shared 5 dirty little restaurant secrets that help you gauge the quality of a restaurant and what you need to pay attention to in order to determine the quality. The quality of food you’ll eat as well as the quality of the experience you’ll receive.

Leave the advice and expertise up to Anthony Bourdain to spill the restaurant industry’s biggest secrets and truth bombs. After all, this famous TV star and best-selling author isn’t known for beating around the bush anyways (remember when he shocked us all by proclaiming that you don’t actually need a knife set? That threw me for a loop). That’s why over 20 years ago now, back in 2001, Oprah Winfrey tapped the world-famous chef to share insider secrets for her television show — and some of these ideas just need to be resurfaced, because it’s simply that good.

5 Dining Secrets From Anthony Bourdain

1. Most restaurants recycle their bread.

Did you know that the first rule of classical cooking is to “waste nothing,”? Bourdain says that if a busboy sees a basket of untouched bread, he’ll probably just bring it back to the kitchen to serve again later. Hey, at least this means you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving a few rolls behind. But probably not something to think about next time that server brings you out a basket of bread, especially if the bread doesn’t have that fresh out of the oven steam coming off it!

2. Hollandaise sauce is a risky order.

As delicious as Hollandaise sauce is, and we all love it, right? It turns out, the raw eggs in this brunch staple are very attractive to active bacteria. “Any place that makes hollandaise should throw it out about every hour and make a fresh batch, otherwise it can hurt you,” Bourdain shares. He also says you might want to consider this the next time you order Eggs Benedict. Maybe I’ll just make my own Hollandaise sauce from home from now on and stick to that game plan.

3. Seafood is Freshest Midweek Generally From Tuesday to Friday.

Anthony Bourdain says that most wholesale seafood markets are closed on the weekends and some chefs like to unload what’s leftover onto their Monday customers. “So Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, you are more likely to get a fresher, more impeccable piece of seafood. That’s when I eat my fish,” he says. There are exceptions to this rule however, like Pike’s Place market in Seattle which is open 7 days a week. There are other markets like this across the country as well. Depends on the market.

4. Brunch is All About The Scraps. So Get Scrappy!

Even though Bourdain admits that he actually hates cooking brunch, any money savvy chef knows it’s a genius way to use up Saturday night’s scraps and “charge $14.95 for two eggs,” as he puts it. “Brunch offers the dubious benefit of being able to unload one’s little odd bits into cute dishes like seafood frittata, seafood salad vinaigrette,” he adds. So if you start a restaurant, serve brunch and charge $14.95 for two eggs, people will pay it! Especially now that inflation is on the rise.

5. Bathrooms Truly Reveal The Quality Of Your Meal: 

Can you really trust that blue “A” near the front door? Bourdain recommends going straight to the bathroom and taking a look around before you dine at the establishment. If it’s clean and tidy, he says that’s a good sign — but if it’s filthy, he says that’s bad news for your meal to come. If the management doesn’t care about it’s patrons experience in the washroom, don’t expect them to care about their dining experience and food quality either. How you do anything is how you do everything, pay attention to the details.

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Watch Anthony Bourdain On The Oprah Show:

Anthony Bourdain Shares Additional Tips On Food, Travel & Life:

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One thing’s for certain. Anthony Bourdain left a lot of greatness behind. Greatness in food, travel, life, family and love. He will be sincerely and genuinely missed.

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