Comedian Russell Brand Makes Light Of Dating Lately And It’s Priceless

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There’s no doubt that since the pandemic (< with an L) that people have had a unique dating experience to say the least. With fear on the rise and trust on the rebound, it’s been tougher to connect with humans in the real world ever since. Because of this dating apps like tinder and bumble have seen a 40% increase in usage. Why? People crave community and human connection. It’s only natural.

Russell Brand, a British comedian and actor has made light of the situation in a hilarious youtube video that leaves no stone unturned. As Russell Shares, we’re social animals. We have a need to congregate. A need to touch one another. He shares that we need eye contact, and touch to feel okay. When we go too long without touch we need brain chemistry that we miss out on.

When we are denied human touch our body starts to produce more of the stress hormone cortisol.

Take a look at the video and get a good laugh about it here:

Russell Brand is concerned about turning natural behaviors into commodities. It seems like a risky slope. Now, that everything has been amplified through the media that we use. We’re dealing with a more complex phenomena. The spaces in between us and beside us are being so rapidly commodified. After all, love is kind of a sacred thing isn’t it? Brand shares.

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