Comedian Impersonates a “NYC Trump Rally” And is SPOT On With His Voice And Hilarious

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Tyler Fischer isn’t your everyday ordinary comedian. He has a knack for impersonations and voices and he nails them. Spot on! He’s done Fauci impressions, Trump impressions, even Bill Burr impressions all spot on. He also invents his own characters. A western character, a barista from NYC and more.

Recently he had a stand up event where he impersonated Trump at an NYC rally and you will find it hilarious.

Take a look at the comedy clip here:

In the clip Tyler Fischer has a perfect Trump impersonation as well as having perfect body language also. He then goes on to heckle the crowd and claim ‘Trump credit’ for white voters, Hispanic voters, a gender fluid voter and a black voter.

He takes credit for it all, in perfect fashion.

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