3 Reasons To Avoid Swimming in Chlorinated Pools

As children playing in a pool and swimming are some of the most enjoyable moments. Splashing around in the water and feeling the cool water and sun on our skin, it’s pure bliss! Even as we grow older we crave being near the water, on the water and in the water. That’s probably why pools were invented in the first place. To bring that water to us.

Unfortunately, whenever humans try to recreate nature we tend to mess it up and not do as good of a job as nature does on it’s own. One has been designed quite well, the other? Questionable at best.

Swimming pools can be beneficial for movement, exercise and getting outside and getting in the sun which are healthy! However, the chemical composition of what’s in pool water is what’s going to harm you more than anything. The sunshine and exercise are still great.

The Dangerous Chemicals & Contamination in Chlorinated Pools

Chlorinated pools contain several different chemicals, the main one being chlorine which we’ve all heard about. What most people don’t know is that chlorine is a corrosive agent. It dries the hair and skin out. No wonder we look liked dried up prunes when we get out of the swimming pool. If you’re in a chlorinated pool long enough your skin will be flakey, dry and ashy.

Chlorine alone is a reason to avoid chlorinated pools as it dries the body out and ages us faster. Not only that, in higher concentrations according to the CDC these symptoms can occur: Blurred visionBurning pain, redness, and blisters on the skin if exposed to gas. Skin injuries similar to frostbite can occur if it is exposed to liquid chlorine. Obviously the chlorine in pools is diluted, but this just goes to show that it can cause pain, redness, blisters, swelling and issues with the eyes also. Even smaller amounts of chlorinated water will dry the eyes out and create redness.

Beyond chlorine, pools contain nitrosamines and cyanogen chloride. What are these?

Cyanogen chloride is considered a CHEMICAL WAREFARE Agent. It’s damaging to the lungs, heart and cardiovascular system as a whole.

Nitrosamines are known carcinogens. Meaning, it’s a known cancer causing agent. A cancer causing chemical that your body soaks up while swimming in it.

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Beyond these main three chemicals in chlorinated pools, you have humans that slather on endocrine disrupting and carcinogen loaded sunscreens that are in the pool as well. So there’s a whole lot of other chemicals as well. Then, you have children who are peeing and potentially even pooping in pools.

If you really think about it, it’s quite gross. Pools are truly a mix of both chemical waste and human waste and the cleaning and ‘filtering’ mechanisms such as chlorine don’t truly kill everything. The reason they have these chemicals in the pool is to kill bacteria, viruses or anything potentially pathogenic. But it doesn’t work as well as most people think.

I got in a hot tub once and right after started developing a toenail fungus, so clearly something was in that hot tub even though it had ‘chlorine’ to kill everything.

If You Want a Cleaner Pool These Are Your Options:

If you plan on building or creating a pool the best option is to create a ozonated pool or a saltwater pool or a combination of both. There are also ‘natural pools’ that are filtered by plants! I’d do a combination of an ozone machine running through the water, and having plants in the pool that grow and naturally purify the water. There are also UV light based cleaning systems as well.

These are all better options than consistently pouring chemicals into your pool.

The company therasage (click here to visit) based out of Florida created an ozone bubbler machine that you can put into your hot tub, bath tub or pool. This ozonates the water and is constantly putting ozone into it. Use the code breathhacker to get 10% off your order.

Don’t Swim in Pools? Swim In Nature

The best part about swimming in nature is that the water purifies itself. Nature moves water on it’s own. Moving water creates structured water, that in combination with the sun’s UV rays cleans the water. If it’s the ocean, you have the added benefit of minerals. Rivers have pure water, with minerals as well. Hot springs are moving water, heated with many minerals including sulphur which actually beautifies your hair, skin and nails as opposed to aging and drying them out like a chlorinated pool would.


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