New PubMed Study Shows Specific Amino Acids That Vegans Are Deficient In

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There are many different diet types and recommendations from health experts all over the world. There are people on extreme ends of the spectrum, people who eat nothing but meat. There are also people that eat mostly all fruit, called fruitarians. 80% fruit and 20% vegetables. And then you have vegetarians, vegans, paleo, primal, keto and everything else in between including ‘flexitarians’ who are people who eat ‘flexibly’ in their diet.

Personally, I have experimented with a lot of different diet types in my life. Everything from being a vegan, to vegetarian, to fruitarian, to now, somewhere in the middle eating like my grandparents did. Meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, cheese. It works best for me. But there was a period of time in my life where I was a vegan, a vegetarian and also a fruitarian.

During this time it didn’t work well for me personally. I’m naturally lean and I lost even more weight and my muscle mass and energy levels depleted. I wasn’t getting specific nutrients that my body needed solely on a plant based diet. It’s truly difficult to get everything that you need.

If I were to go back to when I was a plant based, I would have honestly not stayed plant based at all. I came to learn later on that I was deficient in specific amino acids (mainly) but also vitamins and minerals which are easier to receive from meat, eggs or dairy. However, if I have friends now who are plant based and plan on staying that way I advise that they at the very least be aware of the specific nutrients that vegans tend to become deficient in over time and take these through a supplement form, get ahead of the curve.

Amino Acids Are The Building Blocks Of Life

Amino acids are the building blocks of life because they’re the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are needed to build muscle, tissue, skin, hair, nails, collagen and everything your body needs to survive. Including your gut, immunity, and more!

If you begin to have a amino acid deficiency, your body will begin to break down faster. There are twenty (20) total amino acids and of these amino acids there are 8 amino acids that are essential and 12 amino acids that are not essential. What this means is that the 8 amino acids are quite literally building blocks for the other 12 amino acids.

In other words, you could get more and more of the 8 essential amino acids and this recipe of 8 amino acids when sufficient will build the other 12 non-essential amino acids. This is why it’s important to understand first and foremost that of the 20 amino acids, 8 are more essential than the rest of the bunch. Ideally, you want all of them in your diet but meat, eggs and dairy are richer sources of amino acids than plants. They have a wider range of amino acids as well as more essential amino acids, which is why I now eat meat, eggs and dairy again.

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The PubMed Study Shows These Amino Acids Are Most Deficient: is a website that allows you to research specific nutrients, compounds and therapeutics. It’s a legitimate website that universities and other research organizations use to publish their studies and findings.

The article was published by David Rogerson, from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom.

The findings were quite profound. The findings were that plant based eaters as a whole were more deficient specifically in these amino acids in plant-based proteins included lysine, methionine, isoleucine, threonine and tryptophan. Of these, lysine appears to be to be most commonly absent.

What is interesting about these findings is that out of the 8 essential amino acids, 5 of these, or 62.5% of amino acids vegans or plant based eaters are deficient in are ESSENTIAL amino acids! In other words, plant based eaters are 62.5% more deficient in amino acids that are essential and needed building blocks. You will learn more about the 8 essential amino acids a bit later in this article.

It was also found that beyond more than half of the essential amino acids being deficient, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, calcium, iodine and vitamin D; and the lack of the long-chain n-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in most plant-based sources were also a challenge. So these are nutrients to pay attention to and supplement in.

Thankfully, the company healthy cell created a product called ‘healthy cell vegan formula’ which is a gel pack that contains these specific nutrients that vegans, vegetarians and plant-based eaters were found to be deficient in. Take a look at their peach mango vegan essentials product here. It’s quite delicious. It’s like a fruity desert with the different vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids that plant based eaters are more likely to be deficient in.

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These 8 Amino Acids Are The Most Important

It’s important to understand the big picture and little picture of amino acid profiles. There are once again, twenty different amino acids, of which 8 of these are essential and the most important to pay attention to. These 8 cover the bases not only for these 8, but for the other 12 amino acids as well. The other 12 amino acids are build by these 8 aminos. Think of these 8 amino acids below as the foundation of a house, these are the foundational proteins needed for everything in your body.

  • L-Leucine: Helps to heal the skin and bones as well as supporting growth of muscle, and lean body mass. It also plays a role in HGH production and controlling blood sugar levels!
  • L-Valine: This amino acid supports amino acid metabolism as well as is pivotal in repairing muscle tissue. It also helps to regulate the level of nitrogen we have in our bodies also. Nitrogen makes proteins as well as DNA, so this is very important.
  • L-Isoleucine: This amino acid is pivotal for the immune system. This helps to build and strengthen the immune system and immune organs, as well as cellular health. This amino acid also helps to combat reactive substances that give off excess heat or extreme conditions including free radicals.
  • L-Lysine: This supports skin, tendon cartilage and collagen health. It supports bone health as well as the health of all connective tissue.
  • L-Phenylalanine: Phenylaline is the amino acid responsible for pigmentation, for melanin. This gives specific color to your skin, hair and even your eyes!
  • L-Threonine: This supports wound healing and the elasticity of tissue including the tissue of the heart which is very important. It also supports healthy bones and tooth enamel.
  • L-Methionine: The amino acid methionine is incredibly important for the removal of harmful substances in the body. Specifically this amino acid breaks down fat and pulls them out of your arteries. This is important to keep arteries healthy and the heart not having to work as hard to pump blood through. Additionally, it is also responsible for the elimination of toxic heavy metals from the body.
  • L-Tryptophan: You might recognize this as possibly the only amino acid that you recognize. You may recognize it from being in turkey on thanksgiving day, and having something to do with making you sleepy. You’d be right! It’s used for insomnia, sleep apnea, facial pain, anxiety and a severe premenstrual order called PMDD.

These 8 Amino Acids Are ESSENTIAL For Plant Based Eaters:

I learned all of this thanks to my Harvard Trained doctor. Dr. Lisa Fortin, in Petoskey Michigan.

Dr. Fortin and her husband introduced me to a product called Perfect Amino. This product is a very simple, clean, vegan, non-gmo product. It contains the 8 essential amino acids in either tablet or powder form. This is essentially protein powder 2.0! There’s no added anything, it’s simply the most important amino acids, these core 8 in a powder or powder form.

The company Body Health, that created perfect amino created a formula that’s vegan, non-gmo, calorie free and only contains the 8 essential amino acids in it. They are giving you 20% off your purchase by visiting this link and using the code ‘healthywildfree‘ during checkout.

I have noticed that since I started taking body health perfect amino’s (both the powder and tablets) that my hair which would fall out and has began thinning started growing thicker and healthier again.

Their formula is a formula that’s vegan, non-gmo, calorie free and only contains the 8 essential amino acids in it. They are giving you 20% off your purchase by visiting this link and using the code ‘healthywildfree‘ during checkout. Click here to visit their website and get 20% off today while supplies last!


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