If You Get Glass Or A Splinter Stuck In Your Foot Or Hand Here are 3 Home Remedies That Work To Pull it Out

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Every once in a while glass gets in places that it shouldn’t be, aka our flesh. There’s no telling when this can happen as glass can easily break by dropping it once, and its nearly impossible to pick up all the pieces of broken glass especially when there’s furniture and other things it can hide under and magically show up later! (I still don’t get how that works!).

It’s important to note that trying to pick glass out of your foot is probably the best place to start, however, this may not work and can actually push the glass further into your foot. Knowing this can happen is important. If this does happen to you, you’ll want to pay close attention to this article and store this information for later, especially if you are not close to a medical center or simply don’t want to pay a hefty bill to get a little piece of glass out of your foot that you can get out yourself. It’s important to know that these remedies work for pulling glass out of the body anywhere, but most people step on broken glass and get it in their foot.

3 Home Remedies That Help Pull Glass Out Of Your Foot

  1. Baking Soda & Water:
    When you apply two unequal substances such as water and baking soda to the skin, the skin will absorb this mixture applied topically. This then leads to a change in osmotic pressure in that area. This then increases osmotic pressure which causes the skin to swell up which by default drives the glass (or splinter) to the surface of the skin where it can then be easily taken out.
  2. Potatoes:
    For whatever reason potatoes do the same thing. In this case you’ll want to simply apply the potato topically and wrap it with a bandage and leave it on over night. It creates swelling which squeezes the piece of glass or splinter out.
  3. Banana Peels: 
    Who knew that banana peels could be so magical? Not only do they actually contain more potassium than the banana itself (read a full article on that, and the many uses of banana peels here) but banana peels wrapped topically near a splinter or area where glass has entered the skin create swelling which helps to squeeze it out.

    And there you have it. Instead of picking and prying and ultimately pushing your splinter or piece of glass deeper into your foot or skin, try any of these three remedies first to create swelling. Then, the skin will naturally push it out to the surface where you can easily remove it without causing more damage, a potential medical situation or infection from too much flesh exposure.

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