The Top 2 Science Backed Ways To Drain Lymphatic Flow 10 Times Faster

The lymphatic system plays an important role in health and vitality, well-being, energy levels, immunity and overall health. Unfortunately, the lymphatic system is also often overlooked. It is not respected as it’s own part of the body that needs to be taken care of, tended to, moved and optimized for optimal and ideal health.

Your lymphatic system carries fluid throughout your body that supports your health in a variety of ways. Lymphatic cells transport through lymphatic fluid. This means that the extension of your immune system quite literally works through your lymphatic system. The white blood cells produced by your immune system move through your lymph and get to treat infection sites throughout the body. If the lymphatic system in your body is stagnant and not flowing properly however, those white blood cells get stunted and what’s needed to repair and revitalize your health gets blocked.

This is why it is vitally crucial to keep your lymphatic system healthy and optimized as a whole.

There are many things you can do to improve the state and health of the lymphatic system. Remember, that the heart has a pump (a muscle) that helps to move and circulate the blood in your body. Your lymphatic system on the other hand, does not have that. The lymphatic system is stuck with what you give it.

The Lymphatic System Absolutely Needs Water & Movement

The word lymph comes from the Greek word ‘clear water’ or ‘Goddess of water’ so the lymph needs support from proper hydration. Click here to learn more about how drinking enough water isn’t enough to hydrate your body. There are 6 key electrolytes needed for hydration. That is the topic of another story entirely, so be sure to read that article. Most people think that drinking enough water simply equates to being hydrated. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There is a difference between intracellular and extracellular hydration and the article above does a nice job explaining the difference between the two and how to bridge that gap.

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How Do I Move My Lymphatic System?

Water, oxygen and movement are the three foundational pillars that help the lymphatic system to move, heal and transport lymphatic fluid throughout the body properly. However, there are some additional ‘health hacks’ lets call them that help you to utilize lymphatic drainage at a higher level to have a larger impact and to help to heal and restore the movement in your lymphatic system faster. Also, what’s nice about these practices is that it actually takes a lot less effort.

Keep in mind, that it is important to have proper hydration, proper oxygenation and enough movement to keep the lymphatic system healthy. I cannot stress and emphasize these enough as they are foundational principles and should not be overlooked. However, the two lymphatic hacks you’re about to learn will amplify these foundational principles and speed the movement of lymphatic fluid up MUCH faster. We’re talking at 10-15x the normal flow rate of lymphatic fluid that you have going on sitting and reading this article. In doing so, your energy levels, immune system, and even pain in your body may subside as the lymphatic system offers many healing and therapeutic properties especially when working well.

Two Lymphatic Tricks That Rush Lymphatic Fluid Out Faster!

The lymphatic system moves all throughout the body and there are specific points where the lymphatic fluid moves faster. One of these points is known as the thoracic duct. This duct (think, pipe) is the LARGEST duct in the body that supports the movement of lymphatic fluid. Normally, this duct is processing lymphatic fluid at a fast rate. However, there are a few things that can be done in order to allow this duct to open up and drain even faster.

This forces the body to create new lymphatic fluid with new hydration (water), new oxygen and this healthy new lymphatic fluid is rich in nutrients including infection fighting white blood cells and proteins.

Lymphatic Hack #1: Laughter – Believe it or not!

Believe it or not, laughter is the first hack to optimize the lymphatic system faster and with more efficacy. Think of laughter as an advanced level of breath work that the body uses to move oxygen faster and faster throughout the body, including the lymphatic system. Remember that thoracic duct we talked about? The largest lymphatic duct in the body? This duct has a negative pressure applied to it when we laugh which opens the duct wider. This allows for lymphatic fluid to drain at 10-15x it’s normal rate.

In other words, laughter is 1000% – 1,500% healthier for your lymphatic system than just sitting there and not laughing, and having a good time! What a great deal? I’d say so.

Lymphatic Hack #2: Jump Jump Jump!

The second lymphatic hack that has a massive impact just like laughter is to simply jump on a mini-trampoline or rebounder. These mini-trampolines allow you jump and bounce in such a manner that your lymphatic fluid creates

Here Are A Few Bellicon Rebounder Reviews:

I’ve tried around six different rebounder (mini-trampoline) in my life and have finally landed on the bellicon rebounder. The reason I like this one more than other brands is because it’s quieter, they use bungees as opposed to springs which are softer on the joints, tendons and ligaments. The bounce feels much better. It allows for more range of motion and strength building potential. Because the bounce is deeper it also allows for a stronger lymphatic drainage session. Now, with the bellicon Go model it is $200 cheaper than their other models, and with this link (visit and their special promo here) you get free shipping to the United States!

What’s The Difference Between Rebounding & Regular Exercise For Lymphatic Health?

In everyday life, we often do quite insufficient exercise and we also tend to spend a lot of time sitting. The muscles don’t do much work at all in this stationary position, which means that the lymphatic system is also very inactive. Inactivity can also promote thrombosis. Thrombosis occurs when the arteries become hardened by the lack of blood flow and movement needed. Moving the lymphatic system helps to prevent this. Moving the lymphatic system with a bellicon rebounder helps to prevent this. Click here to visit Bellicon and to get free shipping of your new lymphatic exerciser to the United States! Shipping is regularly quite pricey as this is a heavy piece of equipment.

Figuratively speaking: When a stagnant body of water sits it can quickly turns into a pond, just as it does in nature, and it then becomes quite dirty. This invites bacteria and other pathogens to fester. When the water flows freely again, cleaning takes place instantly. It is the same with the self-cleaning ability of our body – if everything is kept flowing, everything runs smoothly and without major complications. This is why movement is so essential to lymphatic health and drainage.

Taking Lymphatic Health To The Next Level:

I got to thinking about these two lymphatic hacks and how powerful they are individually and thought to myself, what if I utilized them together? What if I put some comedy on the TV from netflix or youtube, and enjoyed my time jumping up and down on the bellicon rebounder? That would allow my thoracic duct to open and that deep bounce from the bellicon to really move my lymphatic fluid in the fastest and most optimal way possible.

Bounce and laugh your lymphatic system back into health and alignment. Visit here to get your free shipping offer to the United States, for a limited time only!

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