Top 10 Funniest Looking Dog Breeds in The World

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Dogs are the most widely loved animals among pet lovers. They are cute, smart and considered really good friends of humans. Though all kinds of dogs are adorable to own, some of them are quite funny. Dogs are known to show a variety of characters. Some are funny by their mannerisms and can crack you in minutes by simply being themselves. On the other hand, we have also come across some dogs that have strange or funny appearances. And, believe us they can make you giggle without even doing anything.

So how are you excited to know what dog breeds we are talking about? Keep reading further to know their names, a short description, some facts about them and what makes them funny.

Top 10 Funniest Looking Dog Breeds in The World


Majority of groups in this dog breed belong to the hairless dog population. They can be found in mini, medium and big sizes. But, also a portion of this breed comes in coated dog categories that are completely covered in fur. On the other hand, some are also hairless and coated both, born in a similar litter due to the same gene combination.

This dog breed is known to be sacred by the Toltecs, Aztecs and Mayans. They were known to have healing properties. Most people find these dogs funny looking. Aside from the appearance, another funny thing about this dog breed is its name when people try to pronounce it. It is just so hard, and usually, people avoid mentioning it. While it may be the most normal looking dog on the list, it is very unique and distinct and has a cheeky way about it.

Facts about the Xoloitzcuintli dog breed:

Origin: Mexico
Common nicknames: Xolo
Other names: Xoloitzcuintle, Xoloitzcuintli, Xoloitzcuintli
Temperament: Cheerful, Intelligent, Aloof, Alert, Companionable, Protective, Calm

Neapolitan Mastiff

It is a popular Italian dog breed that consists of huge-sized dogs. The breed has descended from central Italy’s traditional guard dogs. In 1949, the Ente Nazionale Della Cinofilia Italiana first recognized these dogs as a breed. They were accepted as a Neapolitan Mastiff breed in 1956 by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

The trait that makes these dogs seem funny to the majority of people is their size. They resemble a moose who tries to act like they are small puppies.

They have massive sags and wrinkles that underestimate their size. When these huge dogs try to sit on someone’s lap, you can’t avoid laughing.

Facts about Neapolitan Mastiff dog breed:

Origin: Italy
Common nicknames: Mastino
Other names: Mastino Napoletano
Temperament: Fearless, Stubborn, Obedient, Dominant, Protective, Trainable


We have another Italian dog breed on our list. They represent the sheepdog breed in Italy.
They are commonly found in the Alpi e Prealpi Bergamasche. This dog breed has been trained to work as herding dogs for both cattle and sheep in any local area.

The sheepdog has an ordinary matted coat covering its body. Some people describe this dog as an animal covered with deadlocks. Some people even find its fur quite scary. The character trait about these dogs that make people laugh is the way they run. They look adorable yet very funny.

Facts about Bergamasco dog breed:

Origin: Italy
Common nicknames: N/A
Other names: N/A
Temperament: Determined, Patient, Intelligent, Vigilant

Chinese Crested

The breed consists mostly of hairless dogs. However, the breed is divided into three different varieties. One variety of this dog breed has hair, while the other varieties have hairless pups. And the third variety contains a combination of the two. Interestingly, all three types are born in a similar litter. That means they can be powder puff, hairy hairless and hairless.

In contests like the Most Ugly Dog, you can easily find the Chinese Crested dog breed participating every year. And this is quite hilarious. Some portion of this dog breed population are sport mohawks. They are tiny, hairy, and most weird-looking dogs.

People find their weird looks funny. And, many chinese crested owners agree that their appearance has made them crack into laughter in many instances.

Facts about the Chinese crested dog breed:

Origin: China
Common nicknames: Chinese Powderpuff
Other names: Chinese Powderpuff
Temperament: Playful, Sweet-Tempered, Affectionate, Lively, Happy, Alert, Happy


These are small to medium-sized dog breeds. They are also known as livestock guarding and Hungarian herding dogs. You can recognize them through their long corded coat covering their body. They have tight curls on their coats that resemble dreadlocks. This breed is also called Pulik in Hungarian when addressed in the plural form.

People call this breed to have a kind of dog that looks close enough to a mop. Pulik’s long tight curls make their coats look water-resistant. They are agile, quite fast, loyal and headstrong dogs. But people comparing them to mop is just hilarious.

Facts about Puli dog breed:

Origin: Hungary
Common nicknames:
Hungarian Water Dog

Other names: Hungarian Puli
Temperament: Active, Self-confident, Dedicated to its family, Self-possessed, Manipulative, Intelligent

Brussels Griffon

This dog breed has its origin in Brussels, Belgium. This is a toy dog breed that is named after the city of its origin. They are sub-categorized into three different breeds. They are:

Griffon Bruxellois
Griffon Belge
Petit Brabançon

These dogs have small fuzzy beards on their face and are called to be an inspiration for the look of the Grinch, an animated character. On the other hand, some people also say these dogs resemble small monkeys. They are sweet and funny and are loved by pet lovers.

Facts about Brussels Griffon dog breed:

Origin: Belgium
Common nicknames: Griffon Griff Bruss
Other names: Brussels Griffon, Petit Brabançon Griffon, Belgium Griffon, Belge Brabançon Griffon
Temperament: Sensitive, Self-important, Inquisitive, Alert, Watchful, Companionable, Watchful

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

These dogs have their origin in Scotland. They are small and belong to the terrier family. Their bodies are extra long, their legs are extra short, and they have a unique topknot of hair on their head. They get easily friendly with kids as well as adults.

The reason why people call these dogs funny is their overall build of body. Watching a dog with short legs, hair knots, and a long body acting tough can make anyone laugh. Though this hilarious-looking dog is sweet, outgoing, and friendly, it can alert you of danger at the earliest.

Facts about Dandie Dinmont Terrier dog breed:

Origin: Scotland
Common nicknames: Dandie Hindlee Terrier
Other names: Dandie Hindlee Terrier
Temperament: Fun-loving, Determined, Affectionate, Companionable, Lively, Independent


The next name on the list is the dachshund. It is a short-legged, hound-type, and long-bodied dog. They might be any of the three types: wire-haired, smooth-haired, or long-haired.
The standard-sized breed of dachshund dogs was developed to scent, chase and flush out the burrow-dwelling animals like badgers.

These dogs are popular in America, and their appearance has been used as an inspiration to create costumes in many comedic movies. With their curled tail and floppy ears, they have become the most adorable animals liked by pet owners.

Facts about the Dachshund dog breed:

Origin: Germany
Common nicknames: sausage dog
Other names: Badger dog, Sausage dog, Wiener dog.
Temperament: Clever, Playful, Lively, Devoted, Stubborn, Active, Independent, Courageous

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Bedlington Terrier

This dog breed belongs to a group of small-sized dogs. They have got their name after Bedlington, Northumberland, which is a popular mining town in North East England. The terrier dog breed has been participating in dog racing since early times. They have also been part of multiple other dog sports. You can also see them in many conformation shows. Though they are small in size, they have been companions in so many dog competitions.

The breed has so many qualities, and being funny is also one of them. The reason is they get people confused by their appearance. Some call them sheep, and some call them poodles. In fact, these are the most asked questions by the viewers who watch these dogs competing in dog sports. Imagine a sheep running around and winning games at a dog sports event. The thought itself is just laughable.

Jokes apart. Terriers are very lovable, smart and calm animals. And if you are planning to buy a dog, terriers could be the best choice.

Facts about Bedlington Terrier dog breed:

Origin: England
Common nicknames: linty-haired terrier
Other names: Rothbury Terrier, Rothbury’s Lamb, Rodbery Terrier
Temperament: Spirited, Affectionate, Good-tempered, Intelligent

Bull Terrier

Above we learned about Bedlington Terriers, and again we have a dog breed from the terrier family only. The bull terriers are one of the most loved pets by dog lovers. Interestingly, they also come in a miniature version of themselves. The smaller Bull terriers are officially called Miniature Bull terriers.

They have an egg-shaped head with other facial structures that makes them look very different from other dogs. Their head looks flat at the top, which slopes down straight to the tip of their nose. These distinguishing features make them look funnier. On top of that, these dogs have a clowney personality making them more hilarious.

Facts about Bull Terrier dog breed:
Origin: England
Common nicknames: Class Clown
Other names: Gentleman’s Companion, Kid in a Dog Suit, Wedge Head, Vark Hond
Temperament: Sweet-Tempered, Keen, Stubborn, Active, Trainable, Protective

In closing..

So here we end the list of the top 10 funniest looking dog breeds in the world. All of these dog breeds have made their place in the homes of pet lovers across the world. So, which one do you think from the list mentioned above is the funniest looking? And, also let us know which among these breeds you would love to pet. Each one of the breeds has amusing and lovable traits and will make the best pets to own.

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