Top 10 Gross American Foods That Foreigners Think is Nasty!

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If you are an American, you must know how some of your food standards never succeeded in impressing your non-American pals. Or if you are a foreigner who lives or visited/stayed in America for a good period, then you must already know what food standards we are talking about.

We have compiled a list of American food that foreigners find gross. While some might find the list offensive, which is understandable, others might add more names to it.

The likeness and dislikes of food items totally depend on the preference of texture, taste, flavors etc., by people eating them. Some like certain foods to be on the sweeter side, while others can’t stand it if it’s not fully salty and spicy.

So, we can’t simply say any food is gross to eat, but they are definitely not appealing for some people. Let’s find out what these food items are and why foreigners think of them as gross.

10 American Foods That Foreigners Think is Gross:

Hershey’s chocolate:

The very first name on our list is Hershey’s chocolate. It is a bar of standard milk chocolate that is quite popular in the country. It also comes in milk chocolate with almonds in various varieties. Some of the most popular among them are special dark chocolate, Mr. Goodbar, cookies N cream and krackle.
Seems like the chocolate brand has tried to make its product pleasing for its target buyers. But why do foreigners find it gross?

Well, some foreigners believe that Hershey’s chocolate series has a flavor that is very different from other standard chocolates. People have called it tangy, goaty, acidic, and whatnot. Some even say it tastes like the bar has been rotten. Because of these reasons, many foreigners believe that the quality of Hershey’s chocolate is very poor and don’t like having it.
One of the Reddit users, with ID name kjerstih said:
“Hershey’s is not amazing, it’s one of the poorest excuses of chocolate I’ve ever tried.”

American Cheese:

The next name in the gross American food list is modern American cheese. It is a form of processed item that is prepared using different types of cheese. Some of them include Colby and Cheddar. It has a creamy texture. Its taste is quite salty and mild, with a consistency of medium-firm.
Its taste is originally bland, but the right mixture of certain cheese can add some flavor to it. Usually, you can find American cheese in orange, yellow and white colors.
Let’s see why non-Americans don’t prefer it.

They don’t like the tinted orange color, and many say it tastes like they are eating plastic. As the cheese is processed, it takes away the texture and flavor of transitionally made cheese that people usually prefer. In short, the appearance and taste of American cheese simply are not appealing to foreign people.

Sweet Cinnamon Buns:

One more name on the list is sweet cinnamon burns, which many foreigners would agree to be the worst tasting. These buns are made from yeasted dough, which is patted into a rectangle. It is sprinkled using cinnamon sugar. Further, these are rolled in the form of pinwheels and cut down cleanly into rolls. American sweet cinnamon buns usually contain nuts such as pecans.
So why do people not like them?

The main reason non-American citizens find sweet cinnamon quite unpleasant is the presence of frosting-type stuff over the top of these cinnamon rolls. In other countries, usually, the frosting is done using pearl sugar and egg wash before they bake the buns.

American Bread:

This food item is quite traditional in the United States of America. But people from other countries who leave there usually don’t find it pleasing. American bread is basically a staple food made from flour and water dough. They also contain nuts, meat, seeds and vegetables. Usually, people compare it with anadama bread which is New England’s traditional yeast bread.
Why don’t foreigners like having it?

For foreigners, American bread is unnecessarily soft, tasteless and bland. Basically, they find it boring to eat. Some brands of American bread are pumped with different sweetening items than just sugar.
On the other hand, some brands prepare their bread using corn syrup that has high fructose content. Aside from this, the presence of dough conditioners and preservatives to increase their shelf life and ensure a quick-rising process makes people not buy it.

Instant Ramen Noodles:

Ramen is popularly known as a Japanese adaptation of noodle soup that originated in China. And instant ramen is an American version of this food item. The instant ramen noodles are sold as a dried block that is pre-cooked. They also contain seasoning oil and flavoring powder.
So what do people find wrong with it?

The main reason people don’t like instant ramen is that it is a traditional cuisine that needs to be prepared in a certain way. People say that cooking a tasteful ramen soup involves a proper balance of ingredients, flavors and senses. They believe that this cuisine is an art in itself, and dried noodles packaged in instant ramen do not match that standard.

Mountain Dew:

The popular carbonated soft drink owned by Pepsico is also known as MTN Dew. The main ingredients used in mountain dew in the American market are high fructose corn syrup, carbonated water, concentrated orange juice, natural flavors of citric acid, caffeine, and sodium citrate. Though the product is pretty popular in the country, foreigners don’t like its flavor that much.
So, what’s the reason behind foreigners considering mountain dew as one of the gross American food products?

The main thing that seems to irritate foreigners living in America about mountain dew is its additional sweetness. People even say that they feel like drinking melted sugar through a can of mountain dew.

Pumpkin Spices:

Spices are known to add tasteful flavors to any boring cuisine. But people who are settled in America from other countries don’t have many positive reviews about this food ingredient. Pumpkin spice, also known as pumpkin pie spice, is an American special spice mix. Generally, natives use it while preparing pumpkin pie. It is a blend of ground ginger, cinnamon nutmeg, cloves and other kinds of spices. Its taste is kind of similar to the commonwealth and British mixed spices.
The ingredient sounds like it adds deliciousness to the food, but what’s the reason foreigners don’t like it?

In general, non-Americans are fine with pumpkin pie spices when it is added in a pumpkin pie. But they are bothered by other pumpkin-flavored food that the American food market sells. Some of them are pumpkin spice-flavored doughnuts, ice cream, smoothies, coffee pancakes and more.

New York City Street Hot Dogs:

Street hot dogs in New York City have a reputation in the country. It is traditionally topped using spicy brown mustard. Some hot dog sellers also use homemade onion sauce or sauerkraut with tomato paste. The hot dog bun is quite soft. These are sold either boiled, grilled or cooked.
Though New York street hot dogs don’t seem like problematic food for non-natives, many still don’t like them.

And the reason behind this is the additional softness of the hot dog bun. Many people complain that these hot dogs quickly dissolve in their mouths after just one chew. Also, the bread used is extra sweet. Thus altogether, it causes a huge disappointment to foreigners.

Flavored Hummus:

Hummus is a snackable rich, creamy spread. It is a balanced paste of sesame and chickpeas seeds. Aside from plain hummus, it comes in a number of flavored varieties. Some of them are as follows:

Roasted Pepper Hummus
Spinach Hummus
Roasted Garlic Hummus
Chipotle Hummus
Basil Hummus
Sun-Dried Tomato
Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus

The American food market sells this flavored hummus to enhance the taste of other food items. But it has pretty much failed to impress non-Americans.

Let’s know the reason why this has happened?

This time the reason for the dislike for this American food item is not its taste or texture or the way it is served. But the way Americans use such flavored hummus. Americans use it as a low-carb vegan health food in which they dip the vegetables and it seems off to foreigners. Most non-natives believe that this is not the right way to have hummus. According to them, it should be topped with cooked beans, beef, egg and Pita bread. It should be served with crackers and vegetables and not just as a dipping cream.

Pineapple On Pizza:

The last name on our list is the most controversial food item: pineapple on pizza. In America, it is known as Hawaiian pizza. Typically, they top it with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, sliced ham and, at last, the pineapple pieces. The idea behind the pizza with pineapple is to offer a combination of fruity and Savory taste.

So why do people from other countries don’t like this combination?

The very simple answer to this is people expect pizza to be salty. In fact, the salty flavor of pizza drives people to make it their top fast food choice. But, the addition of pineapple doesn’t let it taste the same anymore. It brings sweetness to the pizza that many people don’t enjoy.

These are just some of the American foods that non-natives completely dislike. The differences in food standards between countries cause differences in people’s food preferences as well. Please tell us what you think about the food items mentioned in the above list. Are they actually that gross, or do you have solid points to defend them? Or do you have any more names to add to the list? Let us know.

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