6 Health And Beauty Reasons To Stop Wearing Your Bra Now

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Personal clothing items can be personal or impersonal, depending on the person. Some of us prefer to dress casually while others enjoy dressing up. What matters is that we’re comfortable and feel confident in our shoes, in our clothing, and in our skin! One such clothing item that is always a topic of hot debate is the bra. Invented in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacob initially with two handkerchiefs to wear under her dress. It then came fully established in 1917.

For just over 100 years now, wearing a bra has become normal in this country. But hopefully, today, a different perspective will be seen. Something that we wouldn’t have even had to consider back in 1917.

Bras started out to create comfort, padding and making things easier and more comfortable. They then evolved into fashion statements. A symbol of sexy, sleek. Now there are bras that make the appearance, shape, or size of the breast appear totally different. It’s become in many ways a tool of appearance more than anything.

Oddly enough, there are multiple affects that a bra can have on a woman that she may not realize. It’s not as simple as any other clothing item for multiple reasons. Beyond a fashion statement, or a clothing item for comfort the bra can have real implications on health, believe it or not.

6 Health & Beauty Reasons To Avoid Wearing A Bra

  1. Bras Block The lymphatic system:

    The lymphatic system becomes constricted when a bra is on all the time. The tighter bra the more damage it does.  This constriction blocks the lymphatic system from flushing water out and allowing new healthy lymphatic fluid in. This stagnation of water can cause unhealthy cells and diseases to form. Think about it, what happens with still water in nature such as a pond? Pathogens grow. The same thing happens in our bodies. If your bra is tight enough to restrict the flow of the lymphatic system directly under the skin you’re contributing to lymphatic blockage in the breast region. This is much more common than you’d think. It makes you wonder if all women stopped wearing breasts, if this would effect breast cancer rates. I’m sure this plays a part in creating unhealthy tissue in the breast.

  2. Bras Can Slow Circulation:

    Similar to lymphatic blockage, circulation underneath the surface of the skin can be constricted as well. A lymphatic system that becomes plugged up because of restrictive clothing can cause lymphatic stagnation, swelling and gathering of fluid. This fluid can grow unhealthy cells as stagnant water becomes unhealthy very quickly, both in nature and the human body. The lymphatic system and circulation are the two most important messengers that bring in nutrients, fluid and everything else that is needed for healthy breast tissue, including the healthy production of breast milk if a mother is milking.

  3. Bras With Wires Are The Worst:

    Bras with wires are the worst. Ideally you don’t want to wear any metal on your body. Metal that is conductive will bind to positive ions in the environment you’re in. What are positive ions you ask? Positive ions are ions that are emitted from signal sending and receiving devices. Positive ions are emitted from wireless devices, wifi routers and other ‘smart devices’ in your environment. These devices produce radiation and electromagnetic frequencies. These are unhealthy wavelengths for our nervous system. Positive ions are a by product of radiation. Not good for human health. They cause stress, tension, anxiety and inflammation. When positive ions are emitted from these devices they stick to anything metal that is conductive. If your bra has conductive metal in it, these positively charged ions will land on your shirt (even outside of your bra) because the magnetic pull is strong enough. This essentially makes your bra clothing item that not only restricts lymphatic and blood flow but attracts energy from devices that is unhealthy for your body. This can also create more heat in the breast region.

    If you’re looking for EMF reduction clothing I recommend Get Lambs. They carry shirts, hats and other clothing items that are created to repel exposure from EMF’s and any negative electrical interference in your environment. These clothing materials are made with faraday technology, a scientifically proven way to reduce and repel this away from your body. Click here to visit GetLambs.com. They have a cover for the thyroid, a shirt for the entire chest and stomach region, as well as hats to protect the brain.

  4. Bras Create Warm Breasts:

    While it may sound nice to have warm breasts, especially in the winter time. It’s not so great for your health. Areas of the body that create extra body heat can be problematic for both men and women. Did you know this? For men, it’s their testicles. For women, their breasts. These areas are naturally warm. This is why you see football players with their hands down their pants in the colder months. This area is already warm. When they are warmer than they need to be it can cause swelling, stagnation, too much stillness, and inflammation. These things can lead to further disease and issues. Not wearing bra keeps your breasts cool and the body has an internal process called thermoregulation which can begin to regulate your body temperature better on it’s own. You become more adaptive without a bra.

  5. Bras Weaken Breast Muscle Creating Lift:

    One of the best beauty reasons to not wear a bra is that when a bra is worn it holds some of the weight of the breast tissue. This causes the muscles that hold the breasts higher to weaken, further leading to breasts sagging more. The muscle that keeps your breasts young, healthy and lifted stays strong when it has to work. Bras can additionally cause postural imbalances for some people as it’s reshaping the weight of the body from the breast. This can lead to posture that is slightly off which can then affect back pain. Having this weight and muscle that holds it maintains a stronger body, healthier posture and a younger physique.

  6. Most Bra’s Are Made Of Synthetic Fabrics:

    Synthetic fibers tend to itch and irritate the skin. This can lead to redness, rashes and itching. This is just hate uncomfortable nature of it. Additionally synthetic fibers contain thousands of synthetic and toxic chemicals that are sitting on and touching your skin all day long, in an area that is more likely to be cancer prone in this society, the breasts. Also in an area that produces milk for infants if you are a breastfeeding mother. If you do decide to wear a bra at least go with an organic cotton or natural fiber or material made bra. This is healthier for your skin. You can find organic fabric bras of many kinds and styles on Amazon by clicking here. 

Here are the six top reasons to stop wearing a bra today. Your healthy, beauty, appearance and exposure to toxic chemicals or positive ions will benefit. The healthier the breasts are the more likely you are to prevent any further breast diseases or issues down the road.

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